"Troublemaker" is a song that was originally released as an iTunes single from alternative rock band Weezer's sixth album and third self-titled album, Weezer. It was released in digital form on May 20, 2008. and now has become the second single from the album. The song will eventually be released in physical form as well as on iTunes. For the week of July 26, 2008, it has debuted at #39 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts and is currently at #2 on the chart.

This song was previously considered to be the first single for Weezer's upcoming album Weezer, but for unknown reasons "Pork and Beans" was chosen instead.

Rivers Cuomo has stated the song, along with others from The Red Album were heavily influenced by rapper Eminem and his "fun way of using rhymes."

Weezer played an acoustic version of "Troublemaker" on the May 30th, 2008 episode of Alternative Nation on Sirius Radio.

The song was released as a downloadable song for the game Rock Band along with "Dreamin'" and "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived."

The song is also being used for TV commercials for CBS's new crime drama show The Mentalist which will premiere in September 2008.

The music video was released on October 6, 2008.


Chart (2008) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks 2

Music video

Weezer fans were invited to take part in the music video for "Troublemaker." It consists of the band performing the song, with shots of the band members and fans breaking Guiness World Records, such as "Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon" and "Largest Air Guitar Ensemble". Rivers also has a striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury in the video, with his moustache and singlet.



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