Trog (1970) is a Warner Bros. feature film starring Joan Crawford in a story about the discovery of a caveman. The screenplay was written by Peter Bryan, John Gilling, and Aben Kandel, and the film directed by Freddie Francis. Trog marks Crawford's last big-screen appearance.

Plot and cast

When a primitive creature (Joe Cornelius) is discovered in a cave, anthropologist Dr. Brockton (Crawford) believes he is a Troglodyte - a prehistoric cave dweller - and wants to make a study of "Trog". The local townsfolk, led by hostile religious bigot Sam Murdock (Michael Gough), oppose the plan. Murdock advocates killing the creature. Dr. Brockton removes Trog to her lab and begins an orientation and basic skills program with the help of her daughter Anne (Kim Braden). Though Dr. Brockton makes some progress, Murdock is is determined to prove that the creature is an abomination and breaks into the the lab at night, trashing the equipment and setting Trog free in order to frame the creature as a violent menace. He is killed by the angered Trog who then goes on a misunderstood rampage (mostly acting in self defence to people attacking or frightening him) and abducts a little girl (Chloe Franks). The authorities are now determined to kill him. Dr. Brockton saves the child but the police kill Trog in a hail of gunfire. When Dr. Brockton is offered an opportunity to comment on TV, she refuses. With a look of contempt and sadness, she walks away from the camera and into the distance. Cast includes Bernard Kay as Inspector Greenham, John Hamill as Cliff, and David Griffin.

Production notes

Trog was the second of two movies that Crawford starred in for her friend, producer Herman Cohen. The first was Berserk! (1968). The stock footage dinosaur sequence in Trog was from the Warner Bros. movie Animal World (1956).


Ned Daigle commented, "Trog is truly ungodly. The performances are rotten, the Trog makeup is so bad it looks, at times, like it will slide right of the actor's face, and everything proceeds at a snail's pace to idiotic situations. It's really sad to see such a huge star [Crawford] be consigned to the Z-grade abyss of films like this. But, hey, a girl's gotta eat."

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