Troco (also called trucks and lawn billiards) is an English lawn game played with balls, cues and rings that remained popular through the Early modern period to the early 20th century. It is a forerunner of croquet and perhaps of cue sports such as billiards.

Enquire Within Upon Everything, a "vast congregation of useful hints and receipts published in the Victorian era, describes the game thus:

The oldest name in English seems to be "trucks" or "truck" from the Italian trucco and Spanish troco meaning billiards. Troco was popular as a country house pastime in the 19th century. Under the name "lawn billiards", it appears as an alternative to croquet in a number of books of games and pastimes of the period. Troco was also played at pubs with large lawns, but apparently died out by the time of World War II.



This article incorporates text from the 1894 edition of , a document in the public domain due to its age.

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