Tripping Over

Tripping Over

Tripping Over is a British/Australian six-part drama series. Its first episode aired on Network Ten in Australia on October 25 2006, and in the United Kingdom on Five on October 30 2006. In the UK Tripping Over is repeated on Five Life.

The show is about three friends in London and two friends in Sydney, neither group knows each other but their parents do. They both take flights to each other's countries, and the two groups meet at the stop-over in Bangkok, where a tragic event changes their lives.

The series then follows the two groups of friends as they continue on their trips to each other's countries and back home. The program focuses on the major life changes that occur during the mid-twenties, and how choices made here can affect a person's life for many years to come.



  • Conceived in 2003 by Andrew Knight and Andrea Denholm, who discussed the idea with Mike Bullen while on a camping trip. Knight and Denholm wanted to make a series about the difference between backpacking in 1976 and 2006.
  • Filmed from 8 May to 11 August 2006.


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