tricolor camerae


[trahy-kuhl-er; especially Brit. trik-uh-ler]
Tricolor may refer to:

  • Tricolor - supporter of Brazilian football club - Fluminense F.C. It derives from the three colors of the club - maroon, green and white. Other teams from different Brazilian states, such as Gremio F.C. and São Paulo F.C. also call their supporters "Tricolores" but with less ownership than Fluminense.
  • Tricolour - a flag or banner having three colours
  • MV Tricolor - a ship that sunk in the English Channel
  • Tricolor, a dog's coat color usually consisting of a dark color across the back and the top of the head, white underneath, and tan markings in between.
  • Tricoloured (horse), a horse with three different coat colors

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