treble, highest part in choral music, thus corresponding in pitch to soprano, but associated with the voice of a boy or a girl. The term appeared in 15th-century English polyphony, probably as an anglicization of the Latin triplum, the name given in medieval polyphony to the part that was often the highest (see motet). The treble clef, however, is the G clef, one of the two clefs commonly used today for vocal music and for most instrumental music. The soprano clef is a C clef placing middle C on the bottom line of the staff; it was used in vocal music as late as Bach's time but is now nearly obsolete for voice. See musical notation.
Treble, a doublet of "triple" or "threefold" (from Latin triplus, "triple"; cf. "double" from duplus), is used in several contexts:


  • As a term applied in music to the high or acute part of the musical system; see clef.
    • A treble-cut filter, or low-pass filter, attenuates high frequencies while passing low frequencies.
    • Treble response, the high frequency portion of an audio system's frequency response.
  • The highest singing voice (properly applicable to a boy) or part in musical composition. See Boy soprano
  • Treble Charger, a Canadian rock group.
  • Treble in Trouble, a record by the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.
  • Treble (girl group), a 3 piece girl group from the Netherlands.
  • Treble is the name given in Change ringing to the bell with the highest pitch.


  • Treble is also the name of a character in the Mega Man video game series; see also Bass (Mega Man).
  • A treble-bar, a type of moth.
  • Treble Cone, a mountain and ski resort in New Zealand.
  • Treble jig, an Irish dance.
  • Treble damages, a legal term indicating triple damages as a penalty.
  • The Treble in association football describes the achievement of winning three top tier trophies in one season
  • Treble, type of bet covering three selections.

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