treats with contempt

Only the Ring Finger Knows

is the title of a shōnen-ai light novel series written by Satoru Kannagi. It was made into a manga illustrated by Hotaru Odagiri, which has been licensed in the United States by Digital Manga Publishing.


In the school that Wataru Fujii goes to, when one wears matching rings on their right ring finger it is a sign of friendship, a ring on the right middle finger means single, and to wear matching rings on the left ring finger means a couple. One day Wataru accidentally switches rings with the very kind, handsome, popular senior, Yuichi Kazuki, because for some strange twist, their rings match. After the strange encounter, Yuichi is uncharacteristically mean to Wataru. Is it because he just can't stand him or is it because he actually loves him?


Wataru Fujii: The typical impulsive, brash high school student, with normal teenage problems. His life is turned upsidedown, however, after a fateful encounter with senior, Yuichi Kazuki who he finds wears a ring identical to his.Yuichi Kazuki: A popular upperclassman, with a reputation of being a gentleman. He always gives a girl a proper let down. Generally seen as a kind person, his cutting remarks bewilder Wataru, whom he treats with contempt. Karin Fujii: Wataru's younger sister. They look so much alike that people often mistake them as twins. She goes to an all girls school and through strange circumstances, people think she and Yuichi have a relationship. Kawamura: Wataru's classmate and class friend. He has a crush on Mai Tachibana, the hottest girl in their class and is slightly resentful of Yuichi for "stealing" her away.Touko: Yuichi's older cousin. Touko runs a jewelry shop, Parfait, and was the person who made Yuichi's ring. She enjoys going places with Yuichi to "show him off".Mai Tachibana: The hottest girl in the class. She has a big crush on Yuichi and rejected Kawamura because of it.Takako Kazuki: Yuichi's little niece who comes to visit him on his birthday. She has a dog. She gets "engaged" to Wataru accidentally.


Only the Ring Finger Knows first began as a series of novels, and was later adapted into a manga.


In conjunction with Digital Manga Publishing, three paperback novels are planned to be released based on the series:

  1. Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Lonely Ring Finger: Released March 2006
  2. Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him: Released July 2006
  3. Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Ring Finger Falls Silent: Released October 2006
  4. Only the Ring Finger Knows: And The Ring Confesses: TBA
  5. Only the Ring Finger Knows: Only that Ring Finger will sleep: TBA

As a side note, there is Volume 4, but it is in Japanese. It was released June 2007. There is also a fifth volume that is also in Japanese, which got released in September 2008 and should be translated in English sometime in 2009.Volume 5 came out on on September 27, 2008, in Japan.It won't be translated until 2011 to 2012.


The manga version written by Satoru Kannagi and illustrated by Hotaru Odagiri only contains one volume and was published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan. The manga is now licensed by Digital Manga Publishing.

Drama CD

Only the Ring Finger Knows also has 3 volumes of Drama CDs to date, all based on the first part of each of the three novels.



The manga is one of the best known shōnen ai manga in the United States, with reported sales of over 30,000 copies sold.

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