treasure state

Treasure State Baptist Academy

Treasure State Baptist Academy (TSBA) (also referred to as Treasure State Academy (TSA)) is a private Christian school that was founded in 1973 by Pastor Richard Dion and is operated by Fairview Baptist Church. Both school and church are located in Great Falls, Montana. TSBA's sister educational institution, Mountain States Baptist College, is also located in Great Falls and was founded in 1981.

TSBA welcomes families of all denominations and encourages students to pray and worship without prejudice with their fellow classmates. The disciplined atmosphere fosters healthy growth in a challenging world and teaches students to respect their elders, families, fellow students, and fellow citizens.


TSBA is located near Malmstrom Air Force Base and is operated in a two-story brick building. The school house is situated on several acres of land and includes a play ground and space for sports. It has entrances on both levels that accommodate disabled persons in wheelchairs.

Fairview Baptist Church is located in downtown Great Falls, MT.

Function and purpose

TSBA teaches students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade in a disciplined, Christian atmosphere. Students learn at a pace they are comfortable with but they are challenged and encouraged by their educators to improve throughout the school year.

Their teachers, or "supervisors" are involved with the learning process throughout each school day of each school year. Students use "paces" which are packets of learning material that include text and tests. Once a student satisfactorily completes a pace and its final test, he or she progresses to the next pace. Christian development is also a great priority of TSBA. Students participate in chapel service regularly to listen to local preachers teach the Word of God without excluding or alienating a student's particular Christian religion. The curricular paces (mentioned above) also incorporate Christian values and foster good decision making habits and remind students of God's role in the Christian life.

A school day

A school day consists of self-paced study in a wide variety of subjects needed for a well-rounded education. Students also have the opportunity to participate in sports, bible study, chapel service, field trips, and athletic & academic competition.

Athletic and academic competition opportunites prepare students for a competitive world beyond "K through 12." Competition with other schools include music, public speaking, intellectual games, and indoor & outdoor sports.

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