tread the boards

So You Want To Tread The Boards

So You Want To Tread The Boards is a factual book written by Jennifer Reischel and published in 2007. The book aims to give a complete guide to training for and working in the Performing Arts industry.


  1. From the Beginning
  2. Drama School: The Myths and Truths about Formal Training
  3. The Training Process and your Transition from Graduate to Professional
  4. The Practicalities of Getting Seen for Work
  5. Personal Promotion
  6. Life as a Professional Performer
  7. Out of the Box
  8. Courses and resources
  9. Monologues and Acting
  10. Singing
  11. Dance and Movement
  12. Other Related Jobs
  13. Appendices


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  • JR Books - the website of JR Books, the publisher of So You Want To Tread The Boards. (author's website)

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