tread on toes

The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail

is a Japanese film, written and directed by Akira Kurosawa in 1945. It is based on the kabuki play Kanjinchō, which is in turn based on the Noh play Ataka.

The film stars Hanshiro Iwai, Susumu Fujita, Kenichi Enomoto, and Denjirō Ōkōchi. It is in black-and-white and runs 58 or 60 minutes (depending on the version shown).

The film was initially banned by the occupying SCAP due to its portrayal of feudal values. It was later released after the signing of the Treaty of San Francisco in 1952.

Also known as

  • They Who Step on the Tail of the Tiger
  • They Who Step on the Tiger's Tail
  • Walkers on the Tiger's Tail


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