The Tex Avery Show

The Tex Avery Show was an animated showcase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Warner Bros. cartoon shorts prominently by animator Tex Avery (a.k.a. Fred Avery). The showcase premiered on the Cartoon Network in 1996, and was taken off the air in 2002. It was soon re-broadcast on Boomerang.

Second Series

The primetime telecast of the new Tex Avery Show debuted in January 10, 1999. This series put a large emphasis on showcasing MGM cartoons that have never graced the show. Despite the newly contrived notion, most of these episodes were not shown; although the first telecast aired under this policy were: Northwest Hounded Police, The Hick Chick and The Counterfeit Cat.


  • October 1, 2000 - An MGM cartoon entitled, The Hungry Wolf (not directed by Tex Avery), was aired as opposed to Hound Hunters; the short that was announced to play on the show.
  • Virtually all of the cartoons presented on The Tex Avery Show are dubbed versions, excluding Detouring America.

List of featured Tex Avery Cartoons

  • A Wild Hare
  • Northwest Hounded Police
  • The Hick Chick
  • The Counterfeit Cat
  • Cellbound
  • Droopy's Good Deed
  • The Screwy Traunt
  • TV of Tomorrow
  • Billy Boy
  • Slap Happy Lion
  • Symphony in Slang
  • Cock-A-Doodle-Dog
  • Out-Foxed
  • What's Buzzin' Buzzard?
  • Jerky Turkey'
  • Who Killed Who?
  • Wild And Woolfy
  • Drag-Along Droopy
  • Deputy Droopy
  • Happy-Go-Nutty
  • The Car Of Tomorrow
  • Wags To Riches
  • Garden Gopher
  • Doggone Tired
  • One Ham's Family
  • The Chump Champ
  • Lonesome Lenny
  • Senor Droopy
  • Three Little Pups
  • One Cab's Family
  • Swing Shift Cinderella
  • Daredevil Droopy
  • Rock-A-Bye Bear
  • The Farm Of Tomorrow
  • The Flea Circus
  • Dumb-Hounded
  • Field And Scream
  • Droopy's Double Trouble
  • Henpecked Hoboes
  • The Cuckoo Clock
  • Dixieland Droopy
  • I Love to Singa
  • Little Rural Riding Hood
  • The Cat That Hated People
  • Ventriloquist Cat
  • The House Of Tomorrow
  • King-Size Canary
  • Magical Maestro
  • The Peachy Cobbler
  • Batty Baseball
  • Red Hot Riding Hood
  • Bad Luck Blackie
  • Screwball Squirrel
  • Little Johnny Jet
  • Hound Hunters
  • Lucky Ducky
  • Homesteader Droopy
  • The First Bad Man
  • Red Hot Rangers
  • What Price Fleadom?
  • Little Tinker

Plot of Tex Avery Show New characters

Tex Avery

Freddy the Fly

Power Pooch

Maurice & Mooch

Genghis & Khannie


Pompeii Pete

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