Trashing may refer to:

  • Dumpster diving is gleaning items from dumpsters. (In the UK, dumpsters are known as 'skips'.)
  • It can mean 'to wreck'. In the 1970s, certain pop groups and bands, presumably high on drugs, had a reputation for trashing their hotel rooms.
  • from the verb to trash it can also mean humiliation, even abuse, of a person, who may feel treated like trash- such as a beating and/or a scolding (verbal dressing-down)
    • Of the latter meaning, trashing is used to describe the practice of students of the University of Oxford when contemporaries complete their exams. This involves throwing items such as confetti, champagne, flour, eggs, shaving foam, "silly string", raw meat and octopus at said students. This is a relatively recently adopted tradition originating in the '90s, which has caused complaints from the public.

For Thrashing, which is used to indicate a too high page-rate to/from virtual memory, please refer to 'Thrashing', not 'Trashing'.

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