Trash rock

Trash rock

Trash rock is a genre of rock'n'roll that shares the same influences as early punk, but diverges in that it's largely apolitical, often containing 1930s-70s pulp fiction novel and B-movie themes and imagery. Its earliest origins are in the rockabilly, surf music and garage rock of the 1950s-60s, when rock'n'roll was considered disposable trash on a par with exploitation B-movies and pulp fiction novels by its critics and opponents. By the 1970s, bands like Lyres reclaimed the name as their own along with other bands of this era like The Cramps, The Ramones, The Milkshakes and Southern Culture on the Skids, who were deliberately trashy in their image and subject matter (though this was often ironic). It can be argued that "trash rock" is a catch-all term for contemporary surf music, garage rock, garage punk, psychobilly, punk blues, death rock and related genres.

Punk was considered the avant-garde goes trash, or vice versa. Trash rock also shares its DIY ethic and worldwide popularity with punk, with small independent labels with bands and even fans creating a DIY glamour aesthetic that draws of the films of Russ Meyer and John Waters.

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