Lucélia Santos

Lucélia Santos (born in Santo André, São Paulo, 1957) is a famous Brazilian actress, director and producer.

Her career spans for three and a half decades filled with creativity and success. Her first work for television, Escrava Isaura, 1976, (based on the novel by Bernardo Guimarães) is probably one of the most famous telenovelas ever made. Her portrait of a slave in imperial Brazil was acclaimed in Latin America. Dubbed versions have been watched in nearly seventy countries. It has charmed audiences in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia, transforming Santos into an international star.

Lucélia Santos was the first foreign actress to win the Golden Eagle prize in China. In 2004 she was honored with the “Jóia da China” medal, conferred upon her for her outstanding efforts to bring together the Chinese and Brazilian cultures.

Santos has also been successful as a director, particularly with her documentary "Timor Lorosae - O Massacre Que o Mundo Não Viu" ("Timor Lorosae - The Massacre The World Did Not See"), that investigates the killings that took place before the independence of East Timor. The documentary was produced by her company, Nhock Produções Artísticas Ltda.

She married the composer and classical music conductor John Neschling, from whom she is now divorced. Their son, Pedro Neschling, is also an actor.

Currently, she plays Suzana Mayer in the series "Donas de Casa Desesperadas", the Brazilian version of the "Desperate Housewives".

Career details



  • "Godspell", 1974
  • "Transe no Dezoito" 1976



  • "Já Não Se Faz Amor Como Antigamente", 1976
  • "O Ibraim do Subúrbio", 1976
  • "Paranóia", 1976
  • "Mau Passo", 1977
  • "Um Brasileiro Chamado Rosaflor", 1977
  • "Luz del Fuego", 1981
  • "O Sonho Não Acabou", 1981
  • "Álbum de Família", 1981
  • "Bonitinha Mas Ordinária", 1981
  • "Engraçadinha", 1981
  • "História Devassa", 1981
  • "Baixo Gávea", 1986
  • "As Sete Vampiras", 1986
  • "Fonte da Saudade", 1986
  • "Kuarup", 1989
  • "Vagas Para Moças de Fino Trato", 1992
  • "Três Histórias da Bahia", 2001
  • "O Sonho de Rose 10 Anos Depois", 2001


  • "Timor Lorosae - O Massacre Que o Mundo Não Viu", 2001, documentary film
  • "O ponto de Mutaçâo China Hoje", 1997, television miniseries

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