trans-verse axes

Neptis columella

The Short banded Sailer, Neptis columella is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


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Upperside black, with white markings. Fore wing: discoidal streak widening towards apex, notched preapically on the anterior margin and obliquely truncate at apex; spot beyond large, broadly triangular, well separated; discal spots in pairs varying in size, spot of this series in interspace 1 always an elongate; spots in transverse postdiscal series obscure, not all well defined, margined on both sides with deeper black than that of the ground-colour; the space between the series and the discal spots and also the terminal margin beyond it with obscure trans verse pale markings. Hind wing: costal margin broadly greyish brown; subbasal band not extending to the costa, of varying width; discal and sub-terminal pale transverse lines, the space between them darker than the ground-colour, traversed by a prominent series of postdiscal spots of varying size. Cilia white alternating with black. Underside ferruginous brown; white markings as on the upperside but broader; the pale markings between the discal and postdiscal series of spots, the subterminal markings on the upperside of the fore wing, and the discal and subterminal pale lines on the upperside of the hind wing represented by pale lunular transverse whitish markings. The costal margin of the hind wing above vein 8 very broad, especially in the female. Antennae dark brown to black; head, thorax and abdomen dark brownish black; beneath white.


Western and Southern India, recorded from Mahabaleshwar near Bombay, and the Nilgiris; Sikkim, Bhutan, through the hills of Assam, Myanmar and Tenasserim to the Malay Peninsula, Siam and Sumatra.



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