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Pull-Ups Training Pants

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Pull-Ups is a brand of disposable training diapers made under the Huggies brand of baby products. The product was first introduced in 1989 and became popular with the motto "I'm a big kid now!" The training pants are marketed with two packages: boys' designs are blue and currently features patterns from the Disney movies Cars and Toy Story; girls' designs are lilac with Disney Princesses.


  • In 2000, Pull-ups added wetness indicators on each pair to tell whether or not the wearer is wet.
  • In 2002, Pull-ups introduced easy-open sides, which caused a controversy amongst parents, some calling them a convenience, others a "glorified diaper."
  • In 2005, to compete with Pampers, Pull-ups divided into two separate products. The original style was called "with Learning Designs" and the new style "with Wetness Liner" to compete with Pampers' Feel N' Learn product. The wetness liner helps the wearer to tell the difference between wet and dry by actually feeling a "wet" sensation for a few seconds.
  • In May 2006, another new line was released, titled "Night*Time", which feature extra absorbency. Also, a feature called "Cool Alert" replaced the "Wetness Indicator" line; kids who wet the Pull-up activate material in the training pant, creating a cooling sensation, letting them know they are wet.
  • The jingle that was used in the original late-1980s and early-1990s commercials was recycled for the product's most recent commercials.


Each Type has 3 sizes:

  • Medium 2T-3T for toddlers 18-31 lb (8-14 kg) - For children just under 2 years old to just under 4 years old.
  • Large 3T-4T - For Preschool Children to early elementary school age children 25-45 lb (11-20 kg) - For children from about 2 and a half to about 7 years old. The equivalent of size 4-6 underwear.
  • Xtra Large 4T-5T- For preschool to elementary schooled children 39+ lb (18+ kg). Ideal for children who have daytime accidents as well as younger bedwetters who are not quite ready for the GoodNites product. Fit children from 4 years old to about 8 years old. The equivalent of size 6-10 underwear.

The "NightTime" line only is available in the two smaller sizes.

Other Brands

Also Pull Ups makes GoodNites disposable underwear for bedwetting elementary to high school children as well.


Pull-Ups are the official sponsor of ESPN Radio's coverage of Major League Baseball, as well as Westwood One's coverage of Sunday Night Football.

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