trade show

trade show

or trade fair

Temporary market organized to promote trade, where buyers and sellers gather to transact business. Trade fairs are organized at regular intervals, generally at the same location and time of year. They are especially common in Europe and Asia, where nearly every country has at least one major annual international exposition. They range in scope from those dealing with one industry or branch of industrial production to general exhibits of goods and merchandise. Trade shows and conventions confined to a single industry or even to a specialized segment of an industry have become increasingly common.

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The Photo Marketing Association International (or PMA) International Convention and Trade Show is an annual imaging technology trade show conducted by PMA held in Las Vegas. The PMA International Convention and Trade Show frequently are the occasion for the public introductions of important imaging products. The major competition for this trade show is the Photokina of Cologne, Germany.


Year Dates
2004 February 12February 15
2005 February 20February 23
2006 February 26March 1
2007 March 8March 11
2008 January 31February 2
2009 March 3March 5


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