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National Foreign Trade Council

National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) - a US-based business lobby group for free trade and multinational corporations.

History of the NFTC

The NFTC was established in 1914 by a resolution of the first National Foreign Trade Convention, calling for the creation of a permanent national organization "to coordinate the foreign trade activities of the nation". The first chairman of the organization was James A. Farrell, then president of U.S. Steel. A number of prominent U.S. businessman have been appointed to the board of the NFTC throughout its history, including Gerard Swope, Fred I. Kent, Robert Dollar, Michael H. Jordan and Robert M. Norris.

Current Staff

The current Chairman of the NFTC is Dinesh Paliwal , of Harman International Industries, and the current President is William A. Reinsch, former Under-Secretary for Export Administration in the Clinton Administration.

Activities of the NFTC

The NFTC has been a prominent advocate for free trade throughout its history, and has opposed a number of protectionist policies and laws. The NFTC believes that free trade is best served by limiting boycotts and embargoes, which it argues do little to influence the behavior of political regimes. The NFTC has therefore opposed proposed trade boycotts and embargos, including the Massachusetts-Burma law enacted in 1996 as a response to the dictatorship in Burma and the Cuban trade embargo. The NFTC has also supported the liberalization of immigration law and the exemption of profits earned abroad from taxation in the United States.

Subsidiary and Affiliated Organizations of the NFTC

Hispanic Alliance for Free Trade


U.S.-South Africa Business Council

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