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Casey Jones (TV series)

Casey Jones was a 1957 television series that ran during the '58-'59 television season, based around the pioneering western railroads.


Based on a real life story, its connection with the real-life locomotive engineer Casey Jones of the Midwest and Central Railroad was rather limited, although the series did use the real name of his train, the "Cannonball Express", and his fireman, Wally.


Commissioned by the then jointly Los Angeles Times/CBS owned KTTV, it was shot on a special set at Ray "Crash" Corrigan's studio Corriganville in the Simi Valley, California.

Kenneth Gamet wrote a children's format gentler western series, against the more violent adult shows of the time like The Virginian. The series featured the same classical types of plots as other westerns such as train robbers, vandals, etc; but the plots also centered as much on Casey's interaction with his family, particularly his young son.

Alan Hale Jr. played the legendary railroad engineer, alongside his wife Alice (Mary Lawrence) and his son Casey Jr (Bobby Clark). Dub Taylor portrayed Casey's fireman Wallie Sims, while Eddy Waller portrayed conductor Red Rock.

Only shot for one season, in part due to Hale's commitment to filming episodes of The Texan, it ran for 32 half-hour black and white episodes. The series' theme song was a version of the "Ballad of Casey Jones".

Cast list

Episode list

The 32 episodes were:

Show Season Episode Title Plot Aired Notes
1 1 1 Night Mail Jones is about to enter a contest, racing the Cannonball Express against her rival locomotive, the Swamp Tiger, for a government contract to carry the mail May 18, 1958
2 1 2 The President's Special Casey is transporting the President on his train, when Secret Service agent Bill Maguire is rendered unconscious and a substitute put in his place May 25, 1958
3 1 3 Prison Train While transporting prisoners to Fort Levenworth, the Cannonball Express is ambushed by outlaws looking for a shipment of gold that was included at the last moment June 1, 1958
4 1 4 Way Station The passengers and crew of the Cannonball Express are held hostage at a rail side way station by outlaws in search of a cache of registered mail. June 8, 1958
5 1 5 Spur Line To Danger A war party of Sioux Indians stage an attack against an Army outpost after a ruthless Colonel, who is dedicated to killing off all Indians, executes two braves June 15, 1958
6 1 6 Satan's Wail Outlaws are impersonating bank guards on the Cannonball Express in order to ambush a military escort of over one million dollars from the Cottonwood Bank June 22, 1958
7 1 7 The Old Timer Red Rock Smith has been targeted for mandatory retirement by the railroad board of directors and the Cannonball express will miss him dearly. In the meantime, the tracks are out and only Red Rock can save the train June 29, 1958
8 1 8 The Run To Deadwood The Army has Geronimo in custody and need to move him east to safety. They order Casey to transport him to Deadwood on the Cannonball, along with a very reluctant stagecoach driver, who is afraid of Apache Indian raids July 6, 1958
9 1 9 Death Rides The Tender Casey takes Sheriff Tompkins by handcar down the tracks to capture Pete Dunlap's son, Tom, who shot the old prospector Ed Jenkins in the back just to steal his map July 13, 1958
10 1 10 One Way Ticket Johnny Ferguson has just been released from prison, but if Luther Wagner has anything to do with it, Johnny's final destination will be a hangman's noose July 27, 1958
11 1 11 The Lost Train The Cannonball Express is stolen by three thieves who plan on using it to get away with a gold shipment August 3, 1958
12 1 12 The Gunslinger August 10, 1958
13 1 13 Storm Warning August 17, 1958
14 1 14 Iron Men August 24, 1958
15 1 15 Girl In The Cab August 31, 1958

16. Season 1, Ep 16: A Badge For Casey Aired: 9/7/1958 17. Season 1, Ep 17: Night Run 8.9 Reviews Aired: 9/14/1958 18. Season 1, Ep 18: The Maurauders Aired: 9/21/1958 19. Season 1, Ep 19: The Black Box Aired: 9/28/1958 20. Season 1, Ep 20: The Trackwalker 8.8 Reviews Aired: 10/5/1958 21. Season 1, Ep 21: Star Witness 8.2 Reviews Aired: 10/12/1958 22. Season 1, Ep 22: The Dutch Clock 8.4 Reviews Aired: 10/19/1958 23. Season 1, Ep 23: The Dark Rider Aired: 10/26/1958 24. Season 1, Ep 24: Dangerous Hours 7.4 Reviews Aired: 11/2/1958 25. Season 1, Ep 25: The Treasure Of Sam Bass Aired: 11/9/1958 26. Season 1, Ep 26: Hard Luck Train Aired: 11/16/1958 27. Season 1, Ep 27: The Silk Train Aired: 11/23/1958 28. Season 1, Ep 28: Lethal Journey Aired: 11/30/1958 29. Season 1, Ep 29: Honeymoon Express Aired: 12/7/1958 30. Season 1, Ep 30: The Fire-Eater Aired: 12/14/1958 31. Season 1, Ep 31: Mrs. Casey Jones Aired: 12/21/1958 32. Season 1, Ep 32: Layover At Jamestown Aired: 12/28/1958


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