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Dynamics (from Greek δυναμικός - dynamikos "powerful", from δύναμις - dynamis "power") may refer to:In Physics:

  • Dynamics (physics), in physics, dynamics refers to time evolution of physical processes
  • Analytical dynamics in physics, refers to the motion of bodies as induced by external forces
  • Relativistic dynamics may refer to a combination of relativistic and quantum concepts to describe the relationships between the motion and properties of a relativistic system and the forces acting on the system. It may also refer simply to the impact of special relativity upon classical dynamics.
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Gravitational dynamics, the study of the dynamics of systems dominated by gravitational force
  • Thermodynamics, a branch of physics that studies the relationships between heat and mechanical energy using macroscopic variables such as temperature, pressure, and volume
  • Fluid dynamics, the study of liquids and gasses in motion
  • In quantum physics, dynamics may refer to how forces are quantized, as in quantum electrodynamics or quantum chromodynamics.Other:
  • System dynamics, the study of the behaviour of complex systems
  • A Dynamical system in mathematics or complexity.
  • Dynamics (music), In music, dynamics refers to the softness or loudness of a sound or note. The term is also applied to the written or printed musical notation used to indicate dynamics.
  • Group dynamics, the study of social group processes
  • Psychodynamics, the study of the interrelationship of various parts of the mind, personality, or psyche as they relate to mental, emotional, or motivational forces especially at the subconscious level
  • Neurodynamics, an area of research in the brain sciences which places a strong focus upon the spatio-temporal (dynamic) character of neural activity in describing brain function
  • Power dynamics, the dynamics of power, used in sociology
  • Dynamic programming in computer science and control theory.
  • Dynamic program analysis, in computer science is a set of methods for analyzing code that is performed with executing programs built from that software on a real or virtual processor.
  • Microsoft Dynamics is a line of business software owned and developed by Microsoft.

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