Tracing may refer to:

  • Tracing (law), a process by which a one demonstrates the ownership of property, with the intent to be awarded a claim based on this information
  • Tracing (criminology), a subject concerning setting up traces of occurrence of objects generated from trace evidence left at crime scenes
  • Tracing (as with a gun or camera), tracking an object, as with the use of tracer ammunition
  • Tracing in art, copying an object or drawing, especially with the use of translucent tracing paper
  • Tracing (computer graphics), edge detection via algorithms used in digital image processing to automatically generate tracings of objects
  • Tracing (software), a method of debugging in computer programming
  • Call tracing, a procedure in telephony that permits an entitled user to be informed about the routing of data for an established connection
  • Dye tracing, tracking various flows using dye added to the liquid in question
  • Anterograde tracing and Retrograde tracing, biological research techniques used to map the connections of neurons from source to termination and from termination to source, respectively

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