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Tough It Out

Tough it Out is the second studio album released by British AOR/hard rock band FM. "Tough It Out" is the follow up album to their 1986 debut album "Indiscreet" and was released in 1989 on the Epic Records label.

Track listing

1. "Tough It Out" - 5:36 (S. Overland/C. Overland/J. Harms)
2. "Don't Stop" - 3:53 (M. Goldsworthy/P. Jupp/D. Digital)
3. "Bad Luck" - 4:07 (S. Overland/C. Overland/D. Child)
4. "Someday" - 3:57 (J. Randall/R. Randall/T. Sciuto)
5. "Everytime I Think of You" - 4:37 (S. Mullen/J. Cesario/G. Jones)
6. "Burning My Heart Down" - 4:01 (S. Overland/C. Overland/D. Child)
7. "The Dream That Died" - 4:36 (S. Overland/C. Overland)
8. "Obsession" - 4:08 (M. Goldsworthy/P. Jupp/D. Digital)
9. "Can You Hear Me Calling?" - 3:40 (S. Overland/C. Overland)
10. "Does It Feel Like Love" - 4:21 (S. Overland/C. Overland)
11. "Feels So Good" - 4:13 (S. Overland/C. Overland)


Steve Overland - Lead vocals, guitar
Merv Goldsworthy - Bass, backing vocals
Pete Jupp - Drums, backing vocals
Chris Overland - Lead guitar
Didge Digital - Keyboards

Background vocals by "The Abrasive Brothers". (Merv, Pete, Steve and Terry Brock)
Background vocals on "Someday" - "The Abrasive Brothers" and Robin Beck


Produced by Neil Kernon
Mixed by Nigel Green
Recorded at CBS Rooftop Studios (London) and Air Studios (London)
Mixed at Battery Studios (London)
Assisted by Richard Hollywood, Karen Down and Andrew (Carb) Canelle (Rooftop), Matt Howe and Rupert Coulson (Air) and (Def) Geoff Hunt (Battery)

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