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PacketTrap provides network management software and services, including applications for performance management and response time analysis. The company's products provide IT administrators, system admins, and network engineers diagnostic, discovery, inventory, and monitoring tools to manage their applications, servers, and network infrastructure. PacketTrap has offices in Silicon Valley and Calcutta, India. The company raised $5.5 MM from August Capital in 2007.

The founders of PacketTrap previously started Learning Productions (sold to SkillSoft in 2000) and Lasso Logic, acquired by SonicWALL in 2005. The management team's backgrounds are from Apple Computer, VMware, Accenture, and SonicWALL.

PacketTrap Products

Network Troubleshooting and Remediation Platform

  • PacketTrap Perspective: A network management and application monitoring solution for single and multi-site networks. It solves the problems associated with bandwidth, performance, and connectivity. It provides system / server and network management of an organization's IT infrastructure. It auto-discovers system resources and their metrics, including hardware, operating systems, virtualization, databases, middleware, applications, and services. Perspective allows an IT department to view the network from any users “perspective”, thus helping the IT network engineer or system admin to troubleshoot and repair bandwidth and connectivity issues. Perspective watches hosts and services that the user specifies, auto-remediates problems, and alerts users when performance deviates from a user defined baseline. It also provides historical charting and event correlation for faster problem identification. The system is accessed via a web browser and /or a client application.

Tools for Network Engineers

  • PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite Free Version: Includes Ping Scan, Port Scan, Enhanced Ping, Graphical Ping, Trace Route, TFTP Server, and WHO IS utilities.
  • PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite Professional Version: Includes free version features plus DNS Audit, SNMP Scan, Switch Port Mapper, Cisco NetFlow Listener, Advanced Port Scan, Wake-on-LAN, Network Traffic Simulator, Cisco Router Configuration Manager, WMI Scan, MAC Scan, Network Discovery, Network Inventory, Application Monitoring (SQL and Exchange), syslog server, server monitoring, and a graphical network dashboard.

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