Professor Chromedome

Professor Chromedome is a fictional character, a mad scientist from the Tick comic book series and animated series. Generally in the employ of Chairface Chippendale, Chromedome is the stereotypical ex-Nazi mad scientist, who will work for anyone so long as they pay his expenses. For some unexplained reason, he has a visible prosthetic skull made of chrome, and goggles permanently covering his eyes. He appears to be about 70 years old and is extremely critical of the other members of the mad scientist community. "You're all a bunch of hippies," he exclaims in one episode, "What with your 'loafer walking' and your touchy-feeliness! What good is science if no one gets hurt?!?!"

According to the Tick's Circus of the Mighty, Chromedome was originally a traveling salesman who had his brain ripped out by farm machinery. Thinking quickly, he packed his brain in ice and drove to the hospital. This caused him to have super-smart but evil intelligence, turning him into Professor Chromedome.

Professor Chromedome was voiced by Hamilton Camp in a manner very reminiscent of Arte Johnson when Arte would pretend to be a Nazi on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. He is the antithesis of the little-known character, Doctor Strangepants, from the animated series.

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