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Total Re-Carl

"Total Re-Carl" is the thirtieth episode of the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was first broadcast on October 5 2003.


Cold open

Dr. Weird gets a message from a telemarketer. Steve sends phone spiders through the line to attack said telemarketer. Dr. Weird is not interested in getting anything.


The episode opens with Carl in hiding from Frylock, who is looking for him for a favor. After Frylock somehow gets into the house, he shows Carl what he wants him to do - test out an environmentally friendly super toilet he has placed on Carl's front lawn. Frylock explains that the toilet uses a jet engine and highly compressed air to dispose of waste. To give Carl reason to use the toilet, Frylock gives him a 'care package' with stool softener, fiber tablets, and espresso, then locks the door to Carl's house while Carl is outside so he can't get in to use the bathroom. Frylock also tells Carl that he's installed a cloaking device which will render him invisible while he uses the toilet in a bid to give Carl a false sense of confidence, because he has not done that in reality because he can't afford it. So, he watches Carl through his binoculars, praying that the police won't drive by (and tells Master Shake to put the phone down, because he's apparently giving the police a reason to).

Finally, Carl is forced to use the toilet. After defecating, he hits the flush button, but his body is sucked into the toilet's jet engine and reduced to nothing but his head and a pool of blood. As Frylock ponders what to do, Meatwad says "...we have the technology. We can rebuild him." Meatwad then "rebuilds" Carl by tying his head to a tree in his backyard with bungee cords and nailing his clothes to the tree.

Frylock keeps Carl's head alive with electrical stimulation, while his brain output is translated into text on his computer. However, Carl apparently isn't too happy with his situation, as most of his brain output is obscenities, which Meatwad poorly tries to imitate.

Master Shake unearths a body from a graveyard with a demolition vehicle and drives it through town back to the house, where Frylock turns Carl into an old black man with a white head. However, the attachment of Carl's head to the body doesn't work, as the body rejects it and starts to attack Carl's head, forcing Frylock to remove the head from the body to come up with a plan B.

After sending letters to various medical companies (and a failed attempt by Shake to get an "assload of organs" from an organ bank in Passaic), Frylock receives a package from filled with eyeballs. He constructs a torso, arms, legs, hands, and feet out of the eyeballs and attaches Carl's head to them. Upon seeing himself, Carl initially wants to commit suicide, but then wants to kill Frylock, although he can barely move because the eyeballs are sensitive to any touch, making Carl's every movement very painful. Meatwad unplugs Carl's life support before he chokes Frylock to death.

Plan C involves attaching Carl's head to a military suit bristling with weapons that can cause massive destruction. Shake quickly questions Frylock's plan, and Frylock agrees, saying "You're right. Damn what the hell was I thinking?"

Finally, Frylock attaches Carl's head to the top of a radio controlled dump truck, moving under the control of Frylock. After Carl threatens to sue Frylock and discovers that he can't steer himself on his own (due to his tongue being an eye ball), Carl agrees to have Meatwad take him home. Meatwad bursts in wearing the military suit and holding Shake in a torture position. Frylock tells him to go outside, where Meatwad engulfs Shake with rocket explosions. The episode closes with Meatwad telling Shake, "Fudge you, butthole."


  • is an actual site created for the episode.
  • The computer screen reading Carl's thoughts says this:

"Oh man, I swear to fucking God, Fry-man, I'm so fucking pissed right now. Oh, and by the way, I hope you enjoy eating your own shit, because I'm about to rip your motherfucking throat out, and shove it so far up your ass, that you have to fart to fucking breathe, fucker".

This marks the first episode to show uncensored profanity on Frylock's computer.

Cultural references

  • When Frylock is explaining the cloaking device of the super toilet, Carl compares it to Predator, while Frylock compares it to Hollow Man.
  • Meatwad says Carl is going "to poop himself inside out, he'll be like the Incredible Hulk, just ripping out the back of his pants."
  • Meatwad says a line from the television show The Six Million Dollar Man, "We have the technology. We can rebuild him."
  • When Meatwad is covered in eyeballs, he says he's Shaun Cassidy, a private-eye from the television series The Hardy Boys.
  • The title is a spoof of the movie Total Recall
  • When Meatwad says "Fudge you, butthole!" is a reference to "Fuck you, asshole!" from the movie The Terminator.

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