A torta is a Mexican sandwich, served on an oblong 6-8 inch firm, crusty white sandwich roll, called a bolillo, telera or birote. Tortas can be served hot or cold. Common ingredients may include, but are not limited to:

Some styles include:

  • Cubana: Inspired by the popular Cuban sandwich. Typically includes a wide variety of ingredients: ham, white cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage, milanesa and chipotle.
  • Torta ahogada: a sandwich filled with carnitas and submerged in sauce. Very popular in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Garnishes such as avocado, sour cream, lettuce, jalapeño, tomato, and cheese feature in various incarnations of the sandwich. The dish is available throughout Mexico, the American Southwest, and anywhere with a large number of Mexican immigrants. This dish should not to be confused with a Spanish egg torta, a popular omelette-like dish.

The television character El Chavo is frequently heard asking or begging for "tortas de jamón" (ham sandwiches).

The word 'torta' means different things in different countries and even different regions within those countries. For example, 'torta' as a sandwich is understood throughout Mexico, yet in Mexico City torta can also refer to a small fried mixture of scrambled eggs, sauce and beef, mashed potato or broccoli. In most South American countries, 'torta' means a sweet cake, such as a wedding or birthday cake. In the Philippines, 'torta' refers to a kind of omelette made with eggs, ground meat and sometimes minced onion and potato.

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