[tuh-ree-nee-uh, -reen-yuh]

Torenia is a genus of plants in the snapdragon family, Scrophulariaceae or also classified in Linderniaceae by some authors. Often called Wishbone flowers, some species are grown as garden plants. Many F1 and F2 Torenia hybrids have been hybridizied in the last 30 years. Colors can range from white with yellow thoats to violet, blue, cobalt, lavender and purple. Torenias make wonderful summer annuals or sometimes biennials in warm-winter areas of California, Louisiana or Florida. The striking blue flowers add interest as borders, groundcover or hanging basket plants. Grow in shade in hot interior areas, full or half sun along the cooler or foggier coastal areas. Blue Torenia is a good companion plant for beds and borders of Impatiens sultana.


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