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USCGC Resolute (WMEC-620)

USCGC Resolute (WMEC-620) is a United States Coast Guard medium endurance cutter.


The name Resolute carries a tradition of pride and professionalism in the service of the public. The Coast Guard's first cutter Resolute was a top-sail schooner built and commissioned in 1867. This first Resolute was homeported in Key West, Florida, and took on the missions of smuggling interdiction as well as search and rescue.

The current cutter Resolute is very different in size and construction but the missions remain the same. Resolute is well known for its long and productive history. The sixth of sixteen Reliance-class cutters, Resolute was the first of her class to be powered by two 2500 horsepower Alco-B Diesel engines. Resolute's keel was laid at the United States Coast Guard Yard, Curtis Bay, Maryland, in May 1965. Resolute was commissioned December 8, 1966. Since that time she has seen several different homeports including San Francisco, California; Alameda, California; Astoria, Oregon; and her current home port of St. Petersburg, Florida.

USCGC Resolute has been decorated on several occasions. She has done well during Refresher Training (REFTRA), earning eight REFTRA "E's" for overall excellence in simulated battle and damage scenarios. Resolute has earned two Coast Guard Unit Commendation awards for exceptional work in separate SAR cases. In 1981, Resolute extinguished a fire aboard the tug DeFELICE alongside a San Francisco fuel pier. Two Resolute crewmembers entered the burning tug and retrieved her injured occupants. Several of Resolute's crew were injured during this operation while they fought desperately to save the vessel and crew. In 1982, Resolute earned a Meritorious Unit Commendation for protecting an Ohio-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine from potentially dangerous demonstrators. In 1986, after successfully completing hundreds of SAR cases and fisheries boardings, Resolute saw her first drug bust. The seizure of the M/V PAMNICO and the arrest of the vessel's crew resulted in the interdiction of over 20,000 lbs of marijuana headed for the streets of the United States.

Resolute exercised its multi-mission capabilities during its tour of duty in Astoria, Oregon. On numerous occasions, Resolute was called to assist vessels in distress. Environmental protection was Resolute's primary calling when it was tasked with patrolling U.S. fishery protection zones. Resolute also responded to assist in the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster in Alaska.

Resolute was decommissioned at the United States Coast Guard Yard in 1994 for a major refurbishment. Now recommissioned, she continues to meet diverse challenges off the Southeast United States and in the Caribbean Sea.

USCGC Resolute escorted the 500-foot Motor Vessel Yalta from the Windard Passage to the Port of Tampa, Florida from June 27 – July 1, 2003. Members of Resolute’S boarding team and Rescue and Assistance detail were directly responsible for the salvage, safe navigation, operation and security of M/V Yalta, its crew, and over 4 tons of cocaine during the transit. From July 5 – July 25, 2003, Resolute participated in TACT (Tailored Annual Cutter Training). The training included such activities as man overboard, anchoring, towing, swept channel, general emergency, collision, gun shoot and general quarters drills. For participation and successful completion of all drills Resolute won the Battle E Ribbon from United States Coast Guard Atlantic Area (LANTAREA}, her second award in two years.


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