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The College of Saint Rose

Saint Rose in Brief

Academics -

  • 63 Undergraduate Programs
  • 45 Graduate Programs
  • 6 combined bachelor's/master's - can be completed in five years or less

Four Schools

  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Bussiness
  • Thelma P. Lally School of Education
  • School of Mathematics and Sciences


  • Total Enrollment - 5,000
  • Total Undergraduate Students - 3,000
  • Full-Time Faculty - 194
  • Student:Faculty Ratio - 15:1
  • Average Class Size - 20
  • Teaching Assistants - 0
  • Countries Represented in Student Body -18
  • Alumni - 32,000
  • Five Year Growth of Undergraduate Applications - 135%
  • Number of Ford Foundation and Muskie Fellows - 3
  • Number of Fulbright Students - 3

Profile of Entering 2008 Freshman Class

  • Applicants for the Freshman Class - 4,000
  • Percent of Applications Accepted for the Freshman Class - 66%
  • Number of Freshman - 635
  • Average High School GPA - 88-93
  • Average SAT Score - 1050-1250
  • Percent Ranked in the Top Half of Their High School Class - 90%
  • Number of States Represented :16 (including Washington, Maine, Virginia, and Oregon)
  • Multicultural - 15%

Campus - The College of Saint Rose encompasses 81 Buildings on 35 acres The College of Saint Rose is a private, independent, co-educational college in Albany, New York, founded in 1920 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The College enrolls a total of approximately 5,000 students (3,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate). Named after Saint Rose of Lima, the college offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in over 50 areas. The school's primary colors are white and gold, but black and gold are used for marketing purposes. The school's NCAA Division II sports teams are referred to as the Golden Knights.


  • The College of Saint Rose has been recognized as one of "The Top 70 Best Northern Universites" by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Metroland newsweekly selected the College of Saint Rose as the Best College Campus (Urban) in the Capital Region.

Majors and Programs

  • Accounting - (BS)
  • Accounting - (Five Year Pre-CPA)
  • Adolescence Education
  • Applied Technology Education
  • Art Education
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Biology 7-12
  • Biology/Cytotechnology
  • Bussiness Administration :Concentrations - Accounting, Accounting and Auditing, Finance, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, Management, Managerial accounting, Marketing, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Sport Management, and Taxation
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry 7-12
  • Childhood Education/ Special Education
  • Communications
  • Communication Sciences * Disorders
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood education
  • Early Childhood/ Special Education
  • Earth Science 7-12
  • Forensics Science
  • Geology
  • Graphic Design - (BFA)
  • History
  • History/Political Science
  • Interdepartmental Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics 7-12
  • Music Education
  • Music Industry
  • Philosophy
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Med
  • Pre-Vet
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Studies 7-12
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Spanish 7-12
  • Studio Arts - (BFA)
  • Women's Studies

Accelerated/Dual Degree Programs

Bachelor's and master's degrees earned in five years or more depending on program. Students accepted into an accelerated program will receive scholarships and aid descions that reflects their status as an undergraduate student.

  • Business Administration - (BS/MBA)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - (BS/ MSED)
  • Computer Information Systems - (BS/MS)
  • Computer Science/ Computer Information Systems - (BS/MS)
  • English - (BA/ MA)
  • History/ Political Science - (BA/MA)

Dual Degree Plus Programs

  • 3+2 Engineering
  • 3+3 Law
  • 3+1 Medical Technology
  • 4+2 Ocupational Therapy (BS or BA/MS)
  • 4+3 Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy - (BS or BA/DPT)


The College of Saint Rose is located in the capital city of New York, Albany. The city is surrounded by both the Hudson River Valley and the Adirondack mountains, yet it still maintains a city feel with coffee shops, pizza parlors, grocery stories, movie theaters and other attractions within walking distance of the campus.

Student Association Clubs

  • The Student Association

The Student Association is the governing organization of the student body and is responsible for overseeing the following clubs. The Preamble to the Student Association Constitution reads as follows - We, the students of The College of Saint Rose, in order to establish and protect our rights and responsibilities as students, to promote the unity and effectiveness of the Student Body, to voice our opinions in the governance of The College, and to promote the independence and general welfare of the entire student community and The College as a whole, do ordain and establish this Constitution of The Student Association of The College of Saint Rose.
Responsibilities of Student Association Representatives
All Association Representatives must have a cumulative average at or above 2.5
General Responsibilities
A. Represent the Student Association (Student Body) by participating in the Student Association meetings and its governace process.
B. Communicate effectively with other members of the Student Association, the Student Association Executive Board, and students in general.
Specific Duties:
A. Attend and actively participate in Student Association meetings.
B. Present bills and resolutions.
C. React to other reports given or comments raised.
D. Vote (in representing student's attitude and ideas) on various issues.
E. Bring other concerned students to Student Assembly meetings.
F. Be a representative on one College-Wide Committee and report business to the Student Association via oral and written reports.
G. Give committee reports.
H. Attend and actively participate at committee meetings.
I. Collect and file College Committee meeting minutes. File reports with the chosen Executive Board Officer.
J. Return to College Committee with Student Association and other student reactions. Present this to the other committee members.
K. Assure that the Student Association is presented with the facts.
L. Participate in Student Association activities; anything that will indicate or demonstrate your concern and support for activities sponsored by other students or student groups.
M. Inform students on how to go through student government to achieve results on various issues.
N. Keep informed and up-to-date on student government in particular and in the college as a whole.
O. Be available to work for one hour each week in the Student Association office.

  • Adventure Club

The Ski and Outdoor Club is the College of Saint Rose recreational club that promotes skiing and other outdoor activities including rock climbing, hiking, and camping.

  • Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)

BASIC is a Christian Fellowship group. They are affiliated with BASIC International, and their focus is primarily on Christianity and living life as Christians. Bible discussion and prayer are a regular part of meetings, and all people are welcome to come and discuss issues and be a part of this group.

  • Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a program that matches up college students with both physically and mentally challenged adults from the Albany area. Buddies see each other and talk throughout the year on their own while the entire program meets once a month for a group activity ranging from movie nights to painting pumpkins to a semi-formal dance at the end of the year. All members make a commitment for the entire year, allowing one-on-one friendships to form.

  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters

The Saint Rose Big Brothers/Big Sisters Club works with children on a monthly basis. They work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Capital Region and are matched with a little brother or sister with the help of the organization. Their little brothers or sisters come to campus on a Saturday and are provided with a few hours of time to talk and play. The things that are done during this time range from sit down activities such as arts and crafts to more physical activities like tag or a game of twister. This clubs' first priority is to be a positive influence and good role model and to form good, worthwhile relationships with the young children. In addition to the weekend event Big Brothers/ Big Sisters holds meetings once a month and are in contact with the members of the group through email. The core function of the meetings is to discuss events for the next meeting with the kids. The program gives back to the community and creates great bonds and relationships with both the children and the college students.

  • Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem provides a safe, supportive and exciting overnight camp experience for children who have a parent who has died from cancer, is currently in treatment for cancer, or is in remission from cancer. Campers have the unique opportunity to build friendships and gain strength from peers facing similar challenges.


This is the Saint Rose chapter of the Capital District Association for the Education of Young Children.

  • The Chronicle

The Chronicle is the student newspaper of The College of Saint Rose. It contains many articles regarding events and issues on campus as well as in the surrounding community. The Chronicle is distributed every week on Wednesday. Any student may become part of The Chronicle staff or may just submit articles for publication. The Chronicle is an important resource on campus because it acts as a communication tool around campus to students, faculty, staff and administration.

  • Circle K

Circle K is an organization that provides service to the college and community, the opportunity for leadership and leadership training, and fellowship with other Circle K members on the club, state, and international level. This group is affiliated with Kiwanis International and the K- Family. This group also pays a membership fee in order to be affiliated.

  • College Republicans

The College Republicans are an umbrella organization representing campus based, student-run College Republican clubs throughout the state. The state organization is composed of an Executive Committee consisting of statewide and regional elected officers and a Board of Directors, which is a governing board that also includes a representative from every chartered CR club. College Republican membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who would like to get involved.

  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

College of Saint Rose Chapter 0443 NY The Council for Exceptional Children is an organization for those who are dedicated to promoting the welfare and the education of exceptional children by involving students from the college in activities and lectures dealing with these children. CEC also attends national conventions. This club is open to all students regardless of major and is strongly recommended for education majors.

  • English Club

This club was established to foster an appreciation for literature in the college community by providing an opportunity for students to read, write and listen to literary works. This club also provides its members with opportunities to make contacts within the literary world. This club is open to any students interested in literature.

  • Environmental Club

The Environmental Club was established to bring about awareness on the College of Saint Rose campus about recycling and other current environmental issues.

  • Fashion Club

The Fashion Club was created because fashion surrounds our world. This club hopes to turn ordinary college students into designers and models who can create and express themselves through the art of fashion.

  • The Girls Next Door

This group is a collaboration of different female voices that perform without the aid of musical instruments. The Girls Next Door is a newly formed group that is working toward holding events and shows that display their talents.

  • The Golden Knights Dance Club

The GKDC is a club that allows the campus community to be involved in choreographing, practicing, and performing different dance routines. This also allows students who are interesting in dancing to unwind from their stressful academics and meet new friends.

  • Habitat for Humanity

The mission for the College of Saint Rose Habitat for Humanity chapter is to help Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing for those in need. The chapter also educates the community about poverty and Habitat for Humanity.

  • Identity

To promote awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and straight issues on campus. To facilitate activities such as discussions, conferences, and field trips. To provide outreach and support for members of the campus community regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and straight issues. To advocate for the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and straight issues in the development of curriculum, faculty training, and school policies. To provide a social outlet for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and straight community on campus.

  • International Association for Jazz Educators (IAJE)

This club was founded in order to increase the effectiveness of music education members. This club gathers students together who are interested in jazz and wish to explore the different aspects of it including education, performance and history. IAJE sponsors concerts and clinics to further educate themselves in the area of jazz music.

  • Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA)

This club was established to increase awareness and education of the music and entertainment industries via activities and events such as speakers, conferences, and newsletters. This organization also sponsors many concerts on campus, and provides members with valuable opportunities to make contacts with professionals in the music industry.

  • Music Educators National Conference (MENC)

This is an organization open to all College of Saint Rose Students, but is primarily designed for music majors. The primary goal of this organization is to foster student involvement through conferences, clinics, and workshops. This national organization is a stepping-stone for students to become involved in activities within music education and provides members with valuable opportunities to make contacts with professionals in music education.

  • National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

The purpose of this organization is to benefit its members by continually improving its support, promotion, and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science.

  • Natural Science Association (NSA)

NSA is an academic organization aimed at connecting the sciences that are learned in the classroom to everyday life through fun activities and trips. Their goal is to increase the awareness of the importance of science in today's society and to unite The College of Saint Rose community. NSA is geared toward science majors and concentrations, but is open to anyone who likes a little science. NSA host the local high school Science Olympiad, Joseph Henry Science Fair, as well as two big trips a year. NSA also offers many other activities and fundraisers throughout the year such as snowshoeing, book sales and the Make-A-Wish foundation.

  • Phi Alpha Theta - National History Honor Society

We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students, teachers and writers of history together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.

  • Psychology Club

The Psychology Club was formed in order to promote and develop a deeper knowledge of psychology. Through meetings and events, this club provides members with a chance to take the learning of the classroom and explore it further.

  • Reflections Yearbook

Reflections is the yearbook of The College of Saint Rose. It is a hard cover book aimed to capture the memories made and images portrayed at the college. It contains various campus activities and events, senior portraits, athletics, the arts, residence halls, faculty and can vary and change from year to year. The book is distributed once a year and any student willing to work on the yearbook is welcomed to assist.

  • Social Work Organization

The purpose of this organization is to provide members of the group with the opportunity to communicate with alumni of The College of Saint Rose. The other goals of the organization are to provide members with the opportunity to network with professionals in the field and to sponsor college-wide events with other organizations.

  • Spectrum (Black and Latino Student Union)

The Spectrum of light is made of many colors. So too is Spectrum, the club that explores various racial heritages, which comprise the student body at The College of Saint Rose, This group sponsors such activities as international dinners, cultural festivals, and panel discussion on ethnic experiences, and famous guest speakers.

  • Student Events Board (SEB)

The Student Events Board (SEB) is one of the largest clubs of the Student Association. SEB works to maintain its popularity by sponsoring and cosponsoring a large majority of the events on campus. Our main goal is to bring diverse events to the student population both on and off campus. To further these means, SEB is broken into six committees; Comedians and Lectures, Musical Entertainment, Novelties, Senior Week and Trips. Without the students' input, the Student Events Board would not be a successful organization.

  • Students Advocating in Democracy (SAID)

SAID fosters awareness of and encourages participation in current political, social, and economic issues through developed and focused discussion to a curious community of students. We strive for creativity and enthusiasm in presentations and in thought, and especially in our sponsored events. SAID meets bi-monthly to discuss event planning and to provide an open forum for discussion.

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

The purpose of SADD is to promote positive thinking and making smart decisions when it comes to subjects such as drugs and alcohol, which can have a harmful effect on oneself and others. We are here to increase awareness of alcohol and other substance abuse related issues and assist students in making educated decisions regarding these topics.

Music Performance Groups

  • Brass Choir
  • Chamber Singers
  • Chamber Winds
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Classical Guitar Ensemble
  • Concert/Community Band
  • Flute Choir
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Instrumental Jazz Ensemble I & II
  • Jazz Guitar Ensemble
  • Masterworks Chorale
  • Men's Glee Club
  • Orchestra
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • String Quartets
  • Trumpet Ensemble
  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • Wind Ensemble

Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary

Saint Rose was founded in 1920 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet as a Roman Catholic College for women. Today the college is an independent, coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences with over 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students. In 1994, the College discussed the need to build a new "sacred space" for the college community. Considering the changes that had occurred at Saint Rose and in the world since 1920, the College decided to build a space that:

  • was an interfaith space. A space that was able to address the needs of all the College members, regardless of their faith tradition;
  • revered and respected our rich Roman Catholic history and heritage;
  • was a place conducive to private prayer, meditation, and reflection.

Walking through the Sanctuary, it is noted that the main worship and gathering space has no specific religious symbols so that all feel welcome to worship here. Visitors will notice the stained glass windows created for by Cohoes Design Glass which capture the elemental colors of creation and the beauty that comes out of the chaos and energy of creation. These windows not only draw your attention to the garden in the Sanctuary but also indicate the creative energy currently involved in interreligious dialogue.

Walking the monastic path on the tiles and they lead into the indoor garden, the central feature of the prayer space. All religious traditions find God present in creation. Take a few moments to listen to the sound of the water, breathe in the scent of the earth, marvel at the green of the plants and trees, "be still, and know the presence of God".

On the northwestern side of the Sanctuary is the Catholic Christian prayer room. This space celebrates the College's heritage as a Roman Catholic College. There are visible stained glass windows from a residence hall on campus that once housed a community of Christian Brothers.

On the northeastern side of the Sanctuary there is interfaith prayer room. The prayer books of the major non-Christian traditions are here. Members of the College community from the Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim traditions can go there for private prayer. The room faces east toward Mecca and Jerusalem for Muslim and Jewish prayer. Prayer rugs are available for Muslim prayer.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Office works to support the members of the College community as they consider the meaning of religion and spirituality in their lives. It is our hope to affirm and encourage people in the expression of their unique relationship with the divine Mystery. We seek to honor the diversity that exists in the ways people express their spirituality and help the College community find cause for celebration, education and growth through these differences while at the same time respecting , valuing, and celebrating our roots in the Roman Catholic tradition.

The Office of Campus Ministry offers programs in a number of areas:

  • Prayer and Worship opportunities—weekly Roman Catholic liturgies, prayer services (interfaith, ecumenical, and specific to a particular denomination or season of the year), publications offering information on local faith communities, celebrations of sacred seasons and holidays, retreat programs, guided meditation and relaxation programs for stress reduction
  • Informal gatherings to build community and form connections among students and between students and the Spiritual Life staff
  • Programs geared toward education, dialogue and faith sharing
  • Volunteer opportunities where the links between faith and service are explored in the context of social justice for all peoples.

Academic Support Center

Through the learning assistance programs, the College seeks to provide all students with academic support outside the classroom and equal access to information in the classroom. The College's goal is to not only help students become independent and confident learners, but also to increase their academic success and help them reach their ultimate goal of graduation. At Saint Rose, academic support services are an interactive partnership between our staff and the students we serve. We look forward to working with you and enhancing your learning experiences at Saint Rose.

The Learning Center

  • Drop-in Tutoring

Located on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph Hall, The Learning Center offers students open lab group tutoring sessions for various Saint Rose courses. Open tutoring sessions are offered in the academic areas of math, accounting, business, computers, Spanish, and the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). These sessions do not require an appointment.

  • Study Clusters

Tutorial study clusters give students the opportunity to work through particularly demanding course work with the support of classmates and a peer tutor.

  • Individual Academic Counseling

Whether students need help tackling an important academic project or just some helpful study hints, individual academic counseling is available in the Learning Center. Students can meet with a professional who can help build skills, strategies, and behaviors that will increase learning potential.

  • College Skills Workshops

Various workshops are offered throughout the semester to help students meet the challenges of college course work.

  • CDS 021: Strategies for College Success

A course designed to help those students on Academic Probation learn various techniques and strategies that will enhance study and achievement at the college level.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free tutoring for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the college. Tutors and students work collaboratively to develop strategies to help each student refine his/her writing skills and develop a better understanding of the writing process. The Writing Center staff emphasizes that writing is a skill that takes time to develop and thus cannot be totally “fixed” in just one session. Writing Center tutors stress the importance of visiting the Writing Center multiple times with the same assignment, in order to address all aspects of writing at various stages in the writing process.

Career Center

The Career Center provides students, alumni, employers and the campus community with online access to many of our services, programs and resources.

Massry Center For Arts

"Last May, we had just broken ground on the new $14 million Massry Center for the Arts. Today the foundation for the 46,000 square foot Center is complete and the final section of steel is just about to be placed in position framing our new Picotte Recital Hall. Certainly, the new Center will elevate our programs in Art and Music. The Massry Center will do much more than simply permit these excellent academic programs to flourish and expand at Saint Rose. The magnitude of this project reaches far beyond the boundaries of Saint Rose. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence in artistic education and the importance of the arts in our region."
-Remarks by President R. Mark Sullivan, President’s Day, August 23, 2007

The Massry Center for the Arts is the College's newest project, a facility essential to the growth of The College of Saint Rose, its academic stature and its position as an engaged urban campus. It will be a place for the listener and the viewer—an inspiring teaching and learning facility immersing all who enter in the transformative experience of the art—positioning Saint Rose as one of the premier liberal education institutions in the Northeast. With a recital hall and a contemporary art gallery along with rehearsal rooms and classrooms, the Massry Center for the Arts will embody, the College's commitment to the cultural life of the Capital Region and beyond.

Picotte Recital Hall The Recital Hall, specifically designed for musical performances, will provide a state-of-the-art venue for all of the College’s music groups. The 400-seat hall’s unique design will maximize performance acoustics through its shape and surface treatments, providing the ideal environment for a single performer or a full orchestra. A high-quality seating environment and warm wood finishes throughout will enhance both the performers’ and audiences’ enjoyment of the musical experience.

With its vaulted ceiling soaring two stories high, the art gallery will be an expansive space providing fantastic exposure for the artwork of the College’s students, faculty and visiting artists. Located at the north end of the building, the design and movable partitions will allow for maximum display flexibility. The gallery will have integral lighting and a multimedia system that will allow for increased flexibility in digital presentations.

The second floor will feature the Center’s largest classroom, three teaching studios and two piano labs. The teaching studios will provide acoustically protected space for private or small group instruction. The piano labs will be equipped with electronic keyboards channeled into the instructor’s main keyboard, enabling him/her to hear both the individual player and the entire class.

The prominent choral rehearsal room and instruement rehearsal room will be located on the third floor along with two additional CLASSROOMS. The new rehearsal rooms will have acoustical qualities specific to their uses.

Two percussion room and 21 practice rooms on the lower level will provide students with private space for practice, with acoustical features and insulation from each other and all other spaces. The lower level also will feature a “green room” for visiting conductors and artists preparing for performances as well as two additional classrooms.

The $14 million project will be financed through a $7 million capital campaign and $7 million from institutional construction funds and debt financing. To date, the College has raised $5.5 million, which includes a $2 million gift from the Massry family.

A Green College

The College of Saint Rose in conjunction with other capital region colleges and universities signed a pact to reduce their carbon footprint and continue to pursue environmentally friendly policies.

The Massry Center for the Arts

The Massry Center is one of the college's most recent and major attempts at building green. Some of the green features of the Massry Center are:

  • Extra layers of insulation made from shredded trees and paper is sustainable, adds more protection from heat tranfer and reduces energy costs
  • heating and cooling rely on geothermal systems that ue constant underground temperatures to control climate.
  • Daylight harvesting system automatically turns off or dims artificial lights based on amount of natural light in building
  • White and sloped roofs reduce the"heat island" effect, by minimizing absorbtion of sun's rays.
  • Construction materials include 97% recycled drywall, 70 to 90% recycled steek and metal studs, and 18% recycled concrete. Site materials are recycled, reducing the amount of waste at land fills.
  • Building location on bus lines encourage public transporation. Special parking will be avaible for hybrid and low emission vehicles. Bike racks will encourage bicycle travel.
  • Double paned windows all for open ventalation, reduce heat loss or gain.
  • Shades in classroom automaticall rise or descend based on light availability.

Notable alumni

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