took over

The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World

The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World is an album by renowned US guitar player Chet Atkins with Australian musician Tommy Emmanuel. Recorded when Chet was 73, this would be his last release of original material in the 20th century.

"Smokey Mountain Lullaby" was nominated for the 1997 Grammy award for Country Instrumental Performance but did not win.

Track listing

  1. "Borsalino” (Bolling)
  2. "To 'B' Or Not To 'B'" (Atkins, Goodrum)
  3. "The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World" (Atkins, Kaitz, Pomeroy)
  4. "Tip Toe Through the Bluegrass" (Atkins)
  5. "News From the Outback" (Atkins)
  6. "Ode to Mel Bay" (Atkins, Denny, Granda)
  7. "Dixie McGuire" (Emmanuel)
  8. "Saltwater" (Lennon, Spiro)
  9. "Mr. Guitar" (Emmanuel)
  10. "Road To Gundagai/Waltzing Matilda" (Trad.)
  11. "Smokey Mountain Lullaby" (Atkins)


  • Chet Atkins - guitar
  • Tommy Emmanuel - guitar, bass, brushes
  • Paul Yandell - guitar
  • Johnny Gimble - fiddle
  • Terry McMillan - conga, harmonica, juice harp
  • Clark Hagen - guitar
  • Giles Reeves - drums, acoustic bass

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