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List of Degrassi: The Next Generation characters

This is a list of those characters who have appeared in five or more episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Main characters

Which characters are deemed to be "main characters" are determined by whether they appear in the opening credits. The following characters have all appeared in the opening sequence of Degrassi: The Next Generation in the seasons they appeared in as "regular" characters


Name Actor Seasons Featured
Hazel Aden Andrea Lewis 1-2 (recurring); 3-5 (regular)
Hazel is a popular Somali Muslim girl who is occasionally catty to other girls. A member of the Spirit Squad. She is the bestfriend of Paige and follows her personality with rude snide remarks. She shows insecurities about her Muslim heritage in Season 2. She graduated from Degrassi in Season 5. She also dated Jimmy Brooks.
James "Jimmy" Brooks Aubrey Graham 1-7 (Regular); 8 (Recurring)
Jimmy is an athlete, but also has an artistic side. His family is also quite wealthy, although he resents that his parents are often absent. After being framed for a prank that was pulled on Rick, Jimmy is shot in the back by Rick, resulting in his confinement to a wheelchair in Season 4. Developing an artistic side, he began rapping and pursuing a career in music. He will be investigating stem cell surgery.
Sean Cameron Daniel Clark 1-4 and 6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
Sean is a troubled teen with a violent past. He was expelled from his previous school for involvement in a fight with bad consequences, and despite his best efforts to be normal, he often has flares of anger that get him into trouble again. In Season 4, Sean returned to Wasaga Beach in an attempt to cope with, among other stresses, the fact that he accidentally took Rick's life while trying to save Emma's in the school shooting. When he returned in Season 6, he was arrested and served a brief time in jail for vehicular manslaughter charges brought on after he hit a man while street racing Peter. After being expelled for possession of marijuana (which was planted by Peter), he begins work as a mechanic, and eventually joins the military. He is last shown before being shipped off to fight in Afghanistan.
Tobias "Toby" Isaacs Jake Goldsbie 1-5 (Regular); 6-7 (Recurring)
A smart student, Toby is introduced as the best friend of J.T. and stepbrother of Ashley. He deals with anorexia in Season 2, befriends Rick Murray before the school shooting in Season 4, and is greatly affected by J.T.'s death in Season 6.
Ashley Kerwin Melissa McIntyre 1-4 (regular); 5 (guest appearance); 6-7 (recurring)
Slightly introverted and very musical, Ashley finds difficulties having fun and staying popular at Degrassi. After a bad decision to take ecstasy at a party, her friends alienate her, eventually leading to a lapse of anti-social behaviour and a new gothic look. She dated Craig, but was hurt when it was discovered that he was cheating on her with Manny. She eventually reconciled with Craig, helping him deal with his bipolar disorder, and eventually moved to England for the summer, but staying longer than expected. She eventually returned to Degrassi, graduating in 2006. She is last seen going on a band tour with Craig.
Theresa "Terri" MacGregor Christina Schmidt 1-3 (regular)
The only daughter of a widowed father, Terri struggles with insecurities about her curvaceous appearance. Her career as a plus-size model improved her self-image, and helped her overcome her vulnerability to peer pressure, although her individuation remains incomplete. In Season 3, she begins a relationship with Rick Murray, which later turns abusive. He eventually pushes her down, causing Terri's head to hit a cinder block and go into a coma. Terri does well after recovering from the incident, but is transferred from Degrassi to a private school.
Gavin "Spinner" Mason Shane Kippel 1-present (regular)
Nicknamed for his bouts of ADHD, Spinner is a hyperactive student who has problems with school. He is the brother of Kendra Mason. He shows issues when Marco reveals that he is gay in Season 3, and after regretting his involvement with the school shooting and becoming briefly expelled, he becomes a born-again Christian in Season 5. In Season 7, he is diagnosed with testicular cancer and goes through a period of reckless behavior because of this, believing that he has nothing to live for. He also graduates from Degrassi in Season 7.
Paige Michalchuk Lauren Collins 1-7 (regular); 8 (recurring)
Paige is a popular fashionista with a sharp tongue who often says things which are hurtful to others. She is raped in Season 2 by Dean, and after losing her trial against her attacker in Season 4 due to a lack of evidence, she intentionally crashes his car with boyfriend Spinner Mason's, which inevitably loses her her license. She develops a lesbian relationship with Alex, and despite being high on marijuana during an interview with a representative from Banting University, she gets accepted. After breaking down from the stress of university, Paige leaves Banting and begins a low-level job at a fashion designer company. She sleeps with housemate Griffin, later learns that he is HIV positive, and is currently awaiting six months for the results of her HIV testing.
Emma Nelson Miriam McDonald 1-present (regular)
Daughter of Christine "Spike" Nelson (who gave birth to Emma in between the second and third season of Degrassi Junior High), Emma is smart, determined and idealistic, sometimes to a fault. She champions broad causes such as protecting the environment and boycotting genetically modified food. She contracted gonorrhea from Jay in Season 4, developed an eating disorder in Season 5, and had a pregnancy scare in Season 6. She attends Smithdale University with Manny, and Liberty.
Manuella "Manny" Santos Cassie Steele 1-present (regular)
Born in Manila, Philippines, Manny is a Filipino girl who is struggles to define herself throughout the series. Often criticized for her promiscuity by both students and her father, she became pregnant with Craig's child—which was inevitably aborted—when he dated her while cheating on Ashley Kerwin in Season 3. She showed a desire to be an actress and get plastic surgery in Season 5, becomes involved with cocaine with Craig in Season 6, and becomes involved in a short-lived engagement with Jay Hogart in Season 7. She attends Smithdale University for drama.
James Tiberius "J.T." Yorke Ryan Cooley 1-6 (regular)
J.T. was the resident class clown, constantly getting into trouble. In Season 5, after discovering that girlfriend Liberty is pregnant, J.T. begins to sell prescription drugs stolen from the pharmacy he works at. After realizing that being a drug-dealer has disrupted his friendships and relationships, he attempts suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs, but survives. In Season 6 after a confrontation with some Lakehurst students, he is stabbed through the back into the heart, puncturing his aorta, and is killed.
Liberty Van Zandt Sarah Barrable-Tishauer 1-present (regular)
Liberty is a highly ambitious and smart student at Degrassi, and is active in student council and extracurricular activities. She becomes involved with J.T. Yorke in Season 4, and eventually becomes pregnant with his child in Season 5, which she gives up for adoption after many conflicts between herself, J.T., and her parents. J.T. and Liberty break up, although both parties continue having feelings for each other until J.T.'s death in Season 6. She attends Smithdale University and rooms with Manny, Emma, and Kelly.
Marco Del Rossi Adamo Ruggiero 2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular)
Marco was introduced as the love interest of Ellie, but as his character evolved, it was revealed in Season 2 to Ellie that he was homosexual. After revealing this to his friends in Season 3, he becomes alienated by Spinner Mason and gay bashed by a group of homophobic men in Toronto. He begins to attend Toronto University in Season 6, and is faced with the idea of male prostitution by a friend in Season 7, which he turns away from.
Craig Manning Jake Epstein 2-5 (regular); 6 (recurring); 7 (guest appearance)
Craig is the son of Joey's deceased wife from a previous marriage. He deals with his abusive father—and his father's subsequent death—with great difficulty, leading him to live permanently with Joey. After cheating on girlfriend Ashley Kerwin with Manny Santos, he gets the latter pregnant, which inevitably is aborted. He deals with bipolar disorder in Season 4, moves out of Toronto in Season 5, and reveals a cocaine addiction in Season 6 after returning from Vancouver for a music festival. Craig is last seen performing in Smithdale at a Purple Dragon concert, and will be touring with Ashley in the future.
Eleanor "Ellie" Nash Stacey Farber 2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular); 8 (recurring)
Ellie started off as a goth character, whose father is in the army and whose mother is an alcoholic. She begins a fake relationship with Marco Del Rossi after he comes out to her, effectively masking his homosexuality to his friends and the school. In Season 3, under the stress of her mothers alcoholism, she begins to cut herself, which she eventually gets help for. In an attempt to get away from her mother, Ellie moves in with boyfriend Sean Cameron in Season 4, but moves out when he moves to Wasaga Beach. She attends Toronto University and acts as a journalist at the school newspaper, The Core. She was one of the few who discovered Craig Manning's addiction to cocaine in Season 6.
Jason "Jay" Hogart Mike Lobel 3-4 (recurring); 5-7 (regular); 8 (recurring)
Jay is a rebel at Degrassi who becomes involved with many illegal and inappropriate activities in and around Degrassi, including stealing goods in Season 3, performing sexual acts at the ravine with various females in Season 4, and breaking into a pawn shop to retrieve his mother's pawned ring in Season 7 for his ex-fiancée Manny Santos.
Alexandra "Alex" Nuñez Deanna Casaluce 3-4 (recurring); 5-6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
Originally a tough female at Degrassi who hung out with the likes of Jay Hogart and Sean Cameron, Alex's exterior softened as she befriended various other students, and began a lesbian relationship with Paige Michalchuk in Season 5. In Season 6, she becomes a stripper as a form of income for her household, but later gives it up.
Darcy Edwards Shenae Grimes 4-5 (recurring); 6-7(regular); 8 (Recurring)
Darcy Edwards was a strait-laced Christian who is the leader of the Spirit Squad, but her character eventually shows a dark side. Darcy is a member of the school Christian group, the Friendship Club, and convinces Spinner Mason to join shortly before the two begin to date. In Season 6, Darcy begins to post risqué photos of herself online, which grabs the attention of a 40-year-old man who attempts to come in physical contact with her. In Season 7, Darcy is drugged and raped at a snowboarding party, and she develops chlamydia as a result. She attempts suicide after the discovery of her STD, and is put in counseling to deal with her issues. Also in Season 7, after having her passes on him rebuffed, Darcy accuses Mr. Simpson of inappropriate behaviour, which results in an investigation and his temporary suspension from Degrassi.
Daniel "Danny" Van Zandt Dalmar Abuzeid 4-6 (recurring); 7-present (regular)
Danny Van Zandt is the younger brother of Liberty. He cares deeply for his sister and eventually J.T. Yorke, and gets in a fight in Season 7 when some Lakehurst students mock J.T.'s death. Also in Season 7, he is framed by best friend Derek for shoplifting after he becomes close to a girl that Derek is crushing on.
Derek Haig Marc Donato 5-6 (recurring); 7-present (regular)
Derek mocked Jimmy for his basketball coaching in Season 5, but is proven by Jimmy that men in wheelchairs can be amazing at the sport. In Season 7, he frames best friend Danny for shoplifting, which ends their friendship.
Peter Stone Jamie Johnston 5-present (regular)
Peter is Mrs. Hatzilakos's son. In Season 5, after a depressed Manny Santos becomes inebriated, Peter takes advantage of the situation and films her as she bares her breasts to the camera. He later uses the footage against Manny's wishes, and the entire student body is sent the video. Also in Season 5, Peter helps girlfriend Emma deal with her anorexia/bulimia. In Season 7, Peter supports girlfriend Darcy after the discovery that she was raped, and he later attempts to emancipate himself from his parents so he can stay with her in Toronto when his mother moves to Regina.
Mia Jones Nina Dobrev 6 (recurring); 7-present (regular)
Mia is a teenage mother at Degrassi who transferred from Lakehurst. She develops a relationship with J.T. Yorke in Season 6, which is cut short at his death. In Season 7, she becomes involved with her child's father Lucas, but she ends it when she attends a party with him with her daughter and is caught by the police, resulting in an investigation by child services.
Damian Hayes Mazin Elsadig 6 (recurring); 7 (regular)
Damian was first introduced in Season 6 as the student council president of Lakehurst. He has several relationships with the ladies of Degrassi, including Manny Santos and Emma Nelson, the latter of which ended when he messed around with Liberty Van Zandt.
Holly J. Sinclair Charlotte Arnold 7-present (regular)
Holly J. is the sister of Heather Sinclair. Holly J. shares a locker with Mia, much to their displeasure. Holly J. also has a best friend, Anya. In late season 7, Holly forms feelings for Toby after he tutors her, but the couple don't work out. Also in Season 7, her friendship with Anya comes to an end when Anya fights back from all the abuse Holly J. has given her over the years.
Jane Valieri Paula Brancati 7-present (regular)
Jane is a character who arrived at Degrassi after the Lakehurst fire. Immediately, Spinner Mason took liking to her and the two began to date, and she helps him through his cancer. Her brother is Lucas Valieri, father to Mia Jones's daughter, although she prefers that people not know that they're brother and sister.
Anya MacPherson Samantha Munro 7(recurring) 8- (regular)
Anya is the best friend and follower of Holly J. Sinclair, and often does whatever Holly J. tells her to do. After Mia Jones tries to make Anya see what a bad friend Holly J. is and Anya disagrees, Anya eventually sees the truth and drops Holly J. as a friend.
Johnny DiMarco Scott Patterson 6-7(recurring) 8- (regular)
Johnny was first introduced as one of Nic's thugs from Lakehurst in season 6. He helped beat Toby up, and was present when Drake Lempkey stabbed J.T. Yorke. Later, he develops a rivalry with Spinner Mason while he was struggling with cancer. Spinner fights Johnny, which is taped and posted online.
Sav Bhandari Raymond Ablack 7 (recurring) 8- (regular)
The object of many girls affections, it is revealed that he's never been with a girl before. After Mia Jones teaches him the ropes of kissing, she mistakes her "lessons" for admiration, and later learns that he likes Anya MacPherson. Sav and Anya begin to have a relationship together, despite his parents wishes that he partake in an arranged marriage in his future.
Chantay Black Jajube Mandiela 4-7 (recurring) 8- (regular)
A member of the Spirit Squad and friend of Darcy. She had a significant lust for Chester Hosoda-Bloom, helped in the scheme that broke Paige Michalchuk's leg, and revealed to Paige that Manny Santos's topless video was circulating around the school, ultimately getting Manny kicked off the Spirit Squad. She later believes Holly J.'s lies about Manny being a racist. She is the writer of 'The Anti-Grape Vine Blog'.
Leia Judy Jiao 8- (regular)
New to Degrassi, from a Ballet School. Finds a friend in Mia, and love interest in Derek.
Bruce Natty Zavitz 7 (recurring) 8- (regular)
Friend of Johnny and Riley, typical jock and on the football team.
Blue Chessex Jordan Hudyma 8- (regular)
New to Degrassi, typical chill, artsy guy calls himself 'Blue', whom Holly J. finds an interest in.
Riley Stavros Agiris Karras 8- (regular)
New to Degrassi, typical jock on the football team, having trouble coping with his sexuality.
Clare Edwards Aislinn Paul 6-7(recurring) 8- (regular)
Clare is Darcy's younger sister, but they couldn't be more different. Clare's at Degrassi for one reason -- to learn.
Connor AJ Saudin 8- (regular)
New to Degrassi, freshman, Snakes godson. It is implied that he has Aspergers Syndrome.
K.C Guthrie Sam Earle 8- (regular)
He's smart, sarcastic, and a skateboarder.
Alli Bhandari Melinda Shankar 8- (regular)
Alli is Sav's younger sister. She is beginning to rebel against her conservative Muslim upbringing.
Kelly Ashoona Evan Williams 8- (regular)
Attends Smithdale University, rooms with Emma, Manny, and Liberty.

Teachers and other adults

Name Actor Seasons Featured
Joseph "Joey" Jeremiah Pat Mastroianni 1 (guest appearance); 2-5 (regular)
Owner of a car dealership, father of Angela and stepfather of Craig Manning. Dated Sydney, Caitlin Ryan and currently Diane. Was a former student at Degrassi.
Christine "Spike" Nelson Amanda Stepto 1-2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular) 8- (recurring)
Hairdresser and mother of Emma, with whom she was pregnant in the original series. In the second season, she married Archibald "Snake" Simpson, and in the third season she gave birth to their son, Jack. Although shes credited for all 24 episodes in Season 7, she only appears in 3 out of the 24.
Daniel "Dan" Raditch Dan Woods 1-4 (regular)
Ex-principal of Degrassi. Was a teacher to the adults (Spike, Snake, Joey, Caitlin etc.) that attended Degrassi Junior High/High. He was transferred out of Degrassi after the school shooting because it was felt that he had mishandled Rick's problems and issues prior to the shooting.
Caitlin Ryan Stacie Mistysyn 1-2 (recurring); 3-5 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
A prominent TV journalist who has had a long standing on-again off-again relationship with Joey Jeremiah since their junior high days. She broke up with Joey in season four to accept a position in the U.S. at a nationally syndicated news magazine.
Archibald "Archie" "Snake" Simpson Stefan Brogren 1-present (regular)
A student from the original series who has become a teacher at Degrassi. He marries Christine "Spike" Nelson in the second season and becomes Emma's stepfather. In the third season Spike gives birth to their son, Jack. He is diagnosed with cancer in the third season, but then he goes into remission. In the fifth season, he was seen by Emma kissing Ms. Hatzilakos, and was briefly separated from Spike. Later, they made up and he moved back in.
Daphne Hatzilakos Melissa DiMarco 2 (guest appearance); 3-4 (recurring); 5-7 (regular)
A former science teacher who is now the principal of Degrassi. She is the mother of Peter Stone, though she is divorced. She and Snake were seen kissing by Emma and Peter, although the affair never went further. At the end of Season 7 she announced she will be moving to Regina to help her sick mother, while Peter stays behind.

Minor characters

Minor characters listed here are those who are not portrayed by actors billed in the opening credits, but have appeared in five or more episodes. All of the characters listed below can be considered as recurring characters in the seasons they've been present in unless otherwise noted.


Name Actor Seasons Featured
Kendra Mason Katie Lai 2-3
Gavin "Spinner" Mason's younger, adopted sister. She dated Toby for a time until he became too clingy. She was introduced in season 2 and remained a recurring character in season 3.
Dean Walton Shawn Roberts 2 and 4 (guest appearances)
A student of Bardell High School, Dean raped Paige Michalchuk in Season 2. He later returns to Degrassi for a sports competition, and is threatened to be beat up by Spinner Mason and J.T. Yorke. In Season 4, after Paige's court trial against Dean loses, she smashes Spinner's car into Dean's.
Dylan Michalchuk John Bregar 3-6
A graduate of Degrassi class of ‘04 and Paige Michalchuk's older brother, Dylan is openly gay. He was Marco's first boyfriend and only intimate partner, however broke up due to Dylan wanting an "open relationship". Dylan is a jock, playing both volleyball and college hockey.
Richard "Rick" Murray Ephraim Ellis 3-4
An intellectual boy at Degrassi who has anger issues, Rick began a relationship with Terri in Season 3. After becoming controlling and obsessive of her actions, Rick eventually pushed Terri on a cinder block, knocking her unconscious and putting her into a short coma. He shortly left Degrassi after this, but later returned, much to the disapproval of the Degrassi student body. Then, after being publicly humiliated on a televised student game show, he returned to Degrassi with a gun, shot Jimmy Brooks in the back, and inevitably was shot with his own gun after a struggle between himself and Sean Cameron.
Chris Sharpe Daniel Morrison 3-4
Chris was an aspiring D.J. first introduced in "Father Figure". Emma took liking to him, and the two started to date after Emma broke up with Sean. The couple later break up, and he becomes the object of desire for Liberty, but he does not return the admiration.
Jesse Stefanovic Steve Belford 6-7
The former editor at The Core, the campus newspaper where Ellie Nash works. The two eventually begin to date, which sees tension when Ellie admits to kissing Craig Manning and Jesse admits to having an affair with a woman at a bar. After a short breakup, the couple reunite, only to break up once more after Ellie catches Jesse kissing Caitlin Ryan in Season 7.
Griffin Pierce-Taylor Nathan Stephenson 7
The new roommate of Paige, Ellie, and Marco introduced in "Love is a Battlefield." He is very involved with music, and tried to help Jimmy Brooks make it big in the music industry, but is unsuccessful because Griffin is just trying to make a name for himself. Marco begins to crush on him, but he tells Marco to leave him alone because he is not gay. In the episode "Talking in Your Sleep," Griffin has sex with Paige, after which Paige discovers that Griffin was born with HIV.
Lucas Valieri Marc Minardi 7
Lucas is a former Lakehurst student, introduced in Season 7 and is good friends with Johnny DiMarco. He is also Jane Valieri's brother and is Mia Jones's former boyfriend and father to her daughter, Isabella.

Parents, teachers, and other minor characters

Name Actor Seasons Featured
Coach Armstrong Michael Kinney 1-present
Coach Armstrong is the mathematics teacher for all grades at Degrassi, and shows he's dedicated to his job by taking time out to tutor students who are having trouble in the course. This dedication started to spawn rumours that he and Liberty Van Zandt were having an inappropriate relationship, when the real reason behind Liberty's tutoring is that she had the learning disability, dyscalculia. Coach Armstrong coaches the boys' sports teams and takes an active part in Degrassi's sports program.
Scott "Tracker" Cameron Kristen Holden-Ried 1-4
Sean Cameron's older brother. Sean and Tracker used to share an apartment together in Toronto, but after accepting a job offer in Alberta, left Sean alone in the apartment to pay for and take care of himself.
Ms. Kwan Linlyn Lue 1-present
Ms. Kwan is the English teacher at Degrassi and is known to be strict. She briefly left Degrassi to take care of her sick husband, but eventually returned.
Jeff Isaacs Nigel Hamer 1-2
Jeff Isaacs is the father of Toby Isaacs, stepfather of Ashley Kerwin, husband of Kate Kerwin, and ex-husband of Anne Marie Isaacs. He is seen throughout Seasons 1 and 2, arguing with his ex-wife or appearing in episodes centering on Toby or Ashley.
Kate Kerwin Maria Ricossa 1-4
The mother of Ashley Kerwin and girlfriend of Jeff Isaacs, she divorces from her husband after learning of his homosexuality and had cheated on her. She's shown in episodes, scolding or disciplining Ashley or Toby Isaacs, her stepson.
Angela "Angie" Jeremiah Alex Steele 1 (pilot), 2-5
Daughter of Joey and Julia Jeremiah and the half-sister of Craig Manning. She appears in episodes involving Joey or Craig, and was the one who revealed Craig's injuries to Joey, which were caused by Craig's father.
Mr.(Matt) Oleander Christopher Jacot 4-5
A teacher's assistant to Mr. Simpson, as well as a yoga instructor at the school. A relationship began between Paige Michalchuk and him, and after attempting to keep the relationship a secret, the couple was found out by the school board, and Matt was consequently fired from his position. He's last seen before moving to Vancouver to become a painter.

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