Tongue thrust

Tongue thrust

Tongue thrust (also called "reverse" or "immature" swallow) is the common name given to orofacial muscular imbalance, a human behavioral pattern in which the tongue protrudes through the anterior incisors during swallowing, speech and while the tongue is at rest. Nearly all young children exhibit a swallowing pattern involving tongue protrusion, but by the age of 6 most have automatically switched to a normal swallowing pattern.

Tongue thrusting can have extreme negative effects on your teeth and mouth. Many people who tongue thrust have openbites. People who tongue thrust do it naturally and are usually unaware that they are even doing. Therefore, people who tongue thrust should seek treatment to break their habit immediately before more damage to the mouth is done.

To correct tongue thrust, speech pathologists prescribe exercises designed to promote a normal swallowing pattern.

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