tongue of flame

Temple of Flame

Temple of Flame is a gamebook by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson from the Golden Dragon gamebook collection.

The plot is about an adventurer called the Dragon Knight of Palados, who sets on a quest in a South American-like jungle country in order to discover the priceless golden idol statue of Katak, God of Flame, which is hidden in an abandoned pyramid temple deep in the wild. The path there is hazardous enough, with hostile natives, traps, and quicksand to kill unwary travellers, but the Dragon Knight gets a sidekick in the form of a small spider monkey who can guide him around such things.

The Dragon Knight has a great evil enemy who covets the idol as well: Damontir the Demented, a mad scientist and archeologist who is a practitioner of black magic. His greatest weapon is the Ring of Ruby Death, which releases a powerful red blast laser ray. Damontir is followed by supernatural henchmen, called the Nightmare Guard. These figures are similar to mystical ninja, wearing black silk outfits and crumbling into yellow dust when slain. Damontir can also call on the undead, in the form of a 'boss fight' with a huge warrior called Thula Doom.

Most of the gameplay occurs inside the Temple of Flame, which is a dangerous monument full of traps,mazes and magical mayhem.

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