TomTom NV is a Dutch manufacturer of automotive navigation systems, including both stand-alone units and software for personal digital assistants, and mobile telephones. It is the leading manufacturer of navigation systems in Europe. TomTom's customer service is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In 2008, TomTom acquired Tele Atlas, a digital map maker, for €2.9 billion.


TomTom offers two types of products: navigation devices and navigation software for installation on mobile devices. The navigation devices and portable devices with installed software are referred to as units.

TomTom units provide a flying interface with an oblique bird's-eye view of the road, as well as a direct-overhead map view. They use a GPS receiver to show the precise location and provide visual and spoken directions on how to drive to the chosen destination. Certain TomTom systems also integrate with mobile phones using Bluetooth, to show traffic congestion maps or to actually take calls and read aloud SMS messages.

The global slogan for TomTom is "the smart choice in personal navigation". In the United States and Canada, they currently use "Go confidently". The UK slogan is "Find your way the easy way"

TomTom GO

The TomTom GO is an all-in-one GPS navigation device. It has a touch screen, speaker, USB port, internal Lithium ion battery, and comes with TomTom HOME software. It charges, synchronizes, and updates its data by connecting to a Windows or Mac PC running the TomTom HOME software via USB cable. Some models have Bluetooth transceivers that allow connection to a smartphone. This allows it to make and receive calls. It also allows it to receive traffic and weather updates using the TomTom Plus service on phones with DUN data service.

TomTom ONE and XL

Various portable models for automobile navigation. The XL has a wider (4.3") screen.


Portable models for motorcycle and motorscooter users.


TomTom Navigator is a GPS navigation software product for Personal digital assistants (PDAs), Palm devices, Pocket PCs, and some smartphones.

Navigator 7 is the latest release of this software. It was released as a part of the software that came with the HTC Touch Diamond that was released in June/2008. It differs slightly from the previous version Navigator 6 by adding a few features like the ability to add frequently used functions to the main screen of the program, in addition to allowing users to report maps corrections and share them with other users.

Mobile devices without touch-screen will have to rely on a cursor to input data. The software is available on SD card and DVD.

The DVD version includes a DVD, printed 15 character Product Code, Quick Start Guide, License Agreement, a poster with a picture diagram for setup procedure of DVD version and SD card version, and an advertisement for TomTom PLUS services. The DVD contains installation software for TomTom Home, software for mobile devices, licenses, manuals, maps, and voices. The software for mobile devices includes CAB files for Palm, PPC, symbian, and UIQ3. The container states that this product is compatible with: ACER N310-B, N311-BW, N35, N50; Asus MyPal A632N, MyPal A636N; Dell AXIM X51, Axim X51v; Eten M600; Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 720, Pocket LOOX N520; HP iPAQ h1450, h4350, hw6510, hw6515, hw6910, hw6915, hx2190, hx2490, rx1950, rz1710; i-Mate JAM, JAMin, PDA-N, PDA2k; Mio 168, A201, A701, P350; Nokia E50, E61, N80; O2 XDA Exec; Orange SPV M1000, SPV M2000, SPV M3000; Palm Treo 700W, Treo 650; Qtek G100, S100, S110, 9000; T-Mobile MDA compact, MDA III, MDA Pro. NAVIGATOR 6 DVD. TomTom. article no. 1T90.080, part no. 1T90.080S.


TomTom HOME is a 32-bit PC application that allows synchronization/updates to be sent to the mobile device. The container states that it is compatible with Mac OS X v10.3 or greater and Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista (see above reference). After installation it performs an automatic software update. It then has options to choose a device to be associated to and activate the software. A caution is given that the software only allows one device to be associated and the associated device can be changed only after six months since the previous association. TomTom HOME version 2.0 and above is implemented on the Xulrunner platform. With version 2.2, TomTom HOME added a content-sharing platform where users can download and upload content to personalize their device such as voices, start-up images, POI sets, etc.

TomTom Mobile& TomTom 3G iPhone

Navigation software for several mobile phones. Discontinued after release 5.2; Navigator, which does not support all the phones that Mobile did, is the nearest equivalent. Mobile 5.2 cannot use maps later than v6.60; earlier program versions are not compatible with all map versions.It is expected that TomTom will be releasing a version for the 3G iphone in late 2008 various sources have indicated that apple have already trialled the software and the latest firmware 2.1 released in September 2008 includes a cardinal GPS update to enable the software to be compatible.



The company offers a line of fee-based services under the name TomTom PLUS, which include services to warn drivers about speed cameras, provide weather updates, change voices and provide traffic alerts. Currently the fees are only for European countries.

Traffic data is also available in many parts of Europe and the US via a bluetooth-enabled cell phone with Internet service or an add-on aerial, which picks up RDS data (broadcast on FM radio frequencies) offering traffic information without the requirement for a data connection. The tomtom plus service is not compatible with Apple's Iphone.

Map Share

Map Share is a proprietary map technology launched by TomTom in June 2007. Map Share allows users to make changes to the maps on their navigation devices and share them with others.

It allows drivers to make changes to their maps directly on their navigation devices. Drivers can block or unblock streets, change the direction of traffic, edit street names and add, edit or remove points of interest (POIs).

Improvements can be shared with other users. Users who connect their devices to their computers can download and upload map corrections on a daily basis. This is done through TomTom HOME, TomTom’s content management software.

Users can select various 'levels of trust', only receiving improvements that have been verified by TomTom or changes that have been submitted by trusted sources, by many , or by some people.

HD Traffic

A traffic monitoring service that uses multiple sources to provide traffic information. The service does this by combining data from:

- traditional sources: Governmental/third party data such as induction loops in the roads, cameras and traffic surveillance
- new sources: anonymous user data from mobile phones travelling in cars on the road and from navigation devices (with users’ permission).

The information is merged by TomTom and algorithms are used to improve the data and filter out anomalous readings. The system sends updates to all HD Traffic users every three minutes. Users can receive the service through a connected navigation device, or through a specially designed antenna.

The system was first launched in the Netherlands in 2007, and was recently launched in the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland (2008). There are plans for introduction in Belgium, using data from the Base mobile phone network, in 2009.

IQ Routes

The use of historical route data to improve the route calculation within a portable navigation device

IQ Routes, developed by TomTom, uses anonymous data accumulated by users of TomTom satnav devices. This is fed back into the new devices that use algorithms that take this data into account when calculating the best way to go.

Travel time data are stored in Historical Speed Profiles, one for each road segment, covering large motorways, main roads and also small local roads. Historic Speed Profiles are part of the digital map and updated with every new map release. They give a unique insight into real world traffic patterns. This is a fact-based routing system based on measured travel times, whereas most other methods rely on speed limits or ‘assumed’ speeds.

TomTom started offering IQ Routes in spring 2008 with the TomTom GO 730 & 930.

In September 2008, a map upgrade (v8.10) was released for x20 series models, extending the IQ Routes feature to those devices as well.

Tele Atlas Purchase

On 23 July, 2007, TomTom made a €2 billion offer for Tele Atlas, a digital map maker, which was accepted by the Tele Atlas board. This was then trumped by a €2.3 billion offer from Cayman Islands-based rival Garmin on 31 October, 2007, effectively initiating a bidding war for Tele Atlas. TomTom responded by upping their bid to €2.9 billion, an offer which was again approved by the board of Tele Atlas. Garmin had been expected to counterbid once again: with Tele Atlas' main global rival Navteq subject to a takeover bid from Nokia, the company had stated that it did not wish both companies to fall into the hands of rivals. However, after striking a content agreement with Navteq through the year 2015, Garmin withdrew its takeover offer, clearing the way for TomTom. On December 4, 2007, TomTom shareholders approved the takeover.

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