Miss Tennessee USA

The Miss Tennessee USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Tennessee in the Miss USA pageant.

Lynnette Cole, Miss Tennessee USA 2000, and Rachel Smith, Miss Tennessee USA 2007, are the only titleholders to win the Miss USA title. Cole's predecessor Morgan Tandy High placed first runner-up in 1999. Four Miss Tennessee USA titleholders have formerly competed at Miss Tennessee Teen USA, and Six at Miss America. One of these is Allison Alderson, a "triple crown" winner who has held the Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Miss Tennessee, and Miss Tennessee USA titles, competing at all three major pageants.

In the 2000s, there have been two notable progressions of three consecutive titleholders. From 2002-2004, three consecutive Miss Tennessee titleholders won Miss Tennessee USA titles, in the order in which they had held the original titles. This has never happened in the history of Miss USA and Miss America state pageants. From 2005-2007, three women who placed in the top six in the Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2002 pageant won the Miss Tennessee USA title. One of these includes the winner of the 2002 teen pageant, Rachel Smith. The pageant is also the only pageant to have two of only four women to place at the top 5 at Miss USA and Miss America.


Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2009 Kristen Motil
2008 Hailey Brown Franklin 25 Top 10 Finalist Placed 4th runner-up at Miss Tennessee 2003
2007 Rachel Smith Clarksville 21 Winner Previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2002 (Top 10 Semi-Finalist & Miss Photogenic at Miss Teen USA 2002) and 4th Runner-up at Miss Universe 2007
2006 Lauren Grissom Shelbyville 21 Top 15
2005 Amy Colley Jonesborough 21
2004 Stephanie Culberson Knoxville 24 4th runner-up Previously Miss Tennessee 2001, 2nd runner up at Miss America 2002
2003 Beth Hood Cleveland 24 4th runner-up Miss Tennessee 2000
2002 Allison Alderson Nashville 25 Triple Crown winner, previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA, top 6 at Miss Teen USA 1994 and Miss Tennessee 1999
2001 Lisa Tollett Crossville 24 Top 10
2000 Lynnette Cole Columbia 21 Winner Best in Swimsuit Top 5 finalist at Miss Universe 2000
Previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA 1995 (3rd RU & Miss Photogenic at Miss Teen USA 1995), 3rd runner up at Miss Oktoberfest 1998, Miss Teen All American 1997
1999 Morgan Tandy High 1st Runner-up
1998 Amy Neely Macon County, Tennessee Honorable Mention
1997 Towanna Stone Morristown 24 2nd Runner-up
1996 Becca Lee 24 2nd Runner-up Finesse Style Award
1995 Lee Ann Huey Style Award
1994 Leah Hulan Semi-finalist Previously Miss Tennessee 1992
1993 Cammy Gregory Paris Semi-finalist
1992 Natalie Ann Bray
1991 Angela Johnson
1990 Charita Moses Semi-finalist
1989 Kimberly Payne Now official producer of TN USA, TN Teen USA, GA USA and GA Teen USA
1988 Stephanie Jane Potts Memphis Semi-finalist
1987 Molly Brown Loretto Previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA 1984 (2nd runner-up at Miss Teen USA)
1986 Karen Compton Lawrenceburg
1985 Martha Elizabeth Browning Chattanooga Miss Congeniality
1984 Desiree Denise Daniels Chattanooga 24 2nd Runner-up Previously Miss Tennessee 1982 and finished 1st runner up to Miss America 1983
1983 Ladonna Friday Jonesborough
1982 Sherly Deanice Levy Nashville Semi-finalist
1981 Sharon Kay Steakly Nashville Semi-finalist
1980 Diane Hunt
1979 Sandy Nuismer
1978 Suzanna Timberlake Miss Photogenic semifinalist in Miss World USA 1980
1977 Rene Jean Smith
1976 Jana Kerr
1975 Shelly Smith
1974 Brin Annette Hendrix
1973 Tommye Hooker
1972 Linda Diane Thompson actress and songwriter
1971 Sue Collins
1970 Donna Marie Ford 3rd Runner-up
1969 Suzie Richardson
1968 Sandra Force Semi-finalist
1967 Nancy Brackhahn Semi-finalist
1966 Mary Margaret Smith Semi-finalist
1965 Bonnie Perkins Miss Congeniality
1964 Pat Kerr Best State Costume
1963 Bobbie Lynn Morrow Semi-finalist
1962 Gail White 2nd Runner-up
1961 Anita Atkins
1960 Christine McSwain
1959 Marcia Daniels
1958 Martha Boales Semi-finalist
1957 Patricia Prather
1956 Stella Wilson Semi-finalist
1955 Barbara Gurley
1954 Barbara Holly
1953 No representative
1952 Jean Harper 3rd Runner-up Previously Miss Tennessee 1951
1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant

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