toffee apple

Toffee Apple (album)

Toffee Apple is an album by the Australian children's musician Peter Combe. It features the popular songs Juicy Juicy Green Grass (A Sheep's Lament), Toffee Apple and Jack and the Beanstalk, alongside several other song which remain in Combe's current set list.

Track listing

  1. "Juicy Juicy Green Grass (A Sheep's lament)"
  2. "Moon Moon"
  3. "The Silly Postman"
  4. "Cats"
  5. "Toffee Apple"
  6. "Red Balloon"
  7. "Standing on a Bus"
  8. "Little Caterpillar"
  9. "The Walking Song"
  10. "Green Green Green"
  11. "Baghdad"
  12. "Tadpole Blues"
  13. "I Have"
  14. "Dr McKew"
  15. "Jeffrey Hill"
  16. "Jack and the Beanstalk"
  17. "Why Don't We"
  18. "Sweet Dreams and Teddy Bears"
  19. "Take a Bath"
  20. "That's The Way I Like It"
  21. "Lullaby (for Tom)"


All songs composed, arranged and produced by Peter Combe.

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