Tobol River

Tobol River

Tobol (Тобыл; Тобол) is a river in Kazakhstan and Kurgan and Tyumen Oblasts in Russia, left tributary of the Irtysh. The length of the Tobol River is 1591 km. The area of its drainage basin is 426,000 sq km. The lower reaches of the river freeze up in late October - November, the upper reaches - in November. It stays under the ice until the second half of April - early May. The Tobol River is navigable within 437 km from its estuary.


The Tobol River was one of the four important rivers of the Khanate of Sibir. In 1428 the khan was killed in a battle with the forces of Abu'l-Khayr Khan at the Battle of Tobol.

Cities and towns on Tobol

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