Title bar

Title bar

In computing, the title bar (or titlebar) consists of that part of a window where the title of the window appears. Most graphical operating systems and window managers position the title bar at the top of the application window as a horizontal bar.

Default title-bar text often incorporates the name of the application and/or of its manufacturer. The name of the host running the application also appears frequently. Various methods (menu-selections, escape sequences, setup parameters, command-line options — depending on the computing environment) may exist to give the end-user some control of title-bar text. Most web browsers will render the contents of the title HTML element in their title bar, often pre- or postfixed by the application name. Google Chrome places its tabs in the title bar, so it is not necessary to use the main window for the tabs.

The title bar often contains icons for system commands relating to the window, such as a maximize, minimize and close buttons; and may include other content such as an application icon, a clock, etc.

In many graphical user interfaces, including the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows interfaces, the user may move a window by grabbing the title bar and dragging.

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