Rush goalie

Rush goalie (also known as drop back goalie, fly goalie, fly keepers, monkey rush, goalie-and, sweeper-keeper, goalie-rush, Russian mo, Russian keeper, glass-hands, goalie-wag, spot-goalie, last man back, any man save, spider goalie, Goalie-when and Goalie-when-Ned) is a variation of football in which the role of the goalkeeper is more flexible than normal. The goalkeeper position is left unfilled until the ball comes near the goal. At this point the nearest outfield player will take on the role of goalkeeper. Once the danger has passed the player in goal (the "rush goalie") may then return being a normal outfield player again. Rush goalie is only played in informal football matches, usually by children, and often when all of the players wish to play a more active role in the game than the position of goalkeeper would normally allow; or when the number of players per side is particularly low.

A rush goalie system can also be used as a way of "levelling out" teams when playing with an uneven number of players - usually, the team with an extra man will be forced to nominate one player to stay in goal permanently (also known as stick keeper or simply sticks) while the other team is allowed to play rush.

Sometimes (in particular when the variant is known as goalie-when) players are only allowed to handle the ball in the area provided they have shouted "when" before touching the ball.


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