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Time Flies... The Best of

Time Flies is a greatest hits or compilation album by American rock band Huey Lewis and the News, released in 1996 (see 1996 in music). The album also features four previously unreleased tracks. This marks the first time "The Power of Love" was available on a Huey Lewis and the News album, though it had previously been available on the UK release of the Fore! album. The song "So Little Kindness" was later included on the 2001 album Plan B because Huey Lewis felt it needed a second chance.

Track listing

  1. "The Heart of Rock & Roll" (Colla, Lewis) - 5:04
  2. "Heart and Soul" (Chapman, Chinn) - 4:12
  3. "Doing It All For My Baby" (Duke, Cody) - 3:37
  4. "Do You Believe in Love" (Lange) - 3:28
  5. "Trouble in Paradise" (Colla, Gibson, Hayes, Hopper, Lewis, Cipollina) - 4:32
  6. "The Power of Love" (Hayes, Lewis, Colla) - 3:54
  7. "If This Is It" (Colla, Lewis) - 3:52
  8. "Bad Is Bad" (Colla, Lewis) - 3:47
  9. "Workin' For a Livin'" (Colla, Gibson, Hayes, Hopper, Lewis, Cipollina) - 2:39
  10. "It's Alright" (Mayfield) - 3:04
  11. "Stuck with You" (Hayes, Lewis) - 4:26
  12. "I Want a New Drug" (Hayes, Lewis) - 4:45
  13. "100 Years from Now" (M. East, N. East, Lewis) - 3:46
  14. "So Little Kindness" (Hayes, Lewis, Sudduth) - 4:14
  15. "'Til the Day After" (White, Carter, Hopper) - 3:27
  16. "When the Time Has Come" (Hayes, Lewis) - 4:26
  17. "Trouble in Paradise" is a live recording that was included on the We Are the World album.
  18. The last four tracks were new studio releases recorded for this Best of album.


Huey Lewis and the News

Additional personnel


  • Producers: Huey Lewis and the News ("It's Alright" HLN and Joseph Andre' White)
  • Engineers: Jim Gaines, Phil Kaffel, Bob Missbach, Jim "Watts" Vereecke, Kevin Scott, Andy Taub
  • Mixing: Bob Clearmountain, Malcolm Pollack, Dave Musgrove
  • Mastering: Ted Jensen, Bob Ludwig, Steve Hall
  • Art Direction and Design: Jim deBarros
  • Photography: A. Binkley, Norm Fisher, Robin Kaplan, Ross Marino, Jim McNaughton, Ralph Merzlak, Roger Ressmeyer, Ron Slenzak, Robert Specter

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