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Fifteen and Send Time

Fifteen and send time is a relatively new dog agility competition offered by the American Kennel Club. FAST can be thought of as a free-style agility competition similar to the Gambler, Joker, or Jackpot in other venues.

The course is laid out in no particular order, with points awarded for the successful completion of obstacles at the handler's discretion. Fifteen obstacles are arranged according to the judge's preference; each obstacle is assigned a point value. Some obstacles may be taken in either direction, while others are directed.

A bonus area exists on the course and is marked off with tape. The handler must send the dog over the obstacles without crossing the tape. The beauty of FAST is that it allows for dogs to compete that are not quite ready for a regular course. If a dog cannot weave, the weaves may be skipped.

Dogs are given a time allotment based on size, with larger dogs getting a shorter time frame in which to accumulate points.

In this picture, the dotted lines indicate the bonus area.

FAST specifics


  • 15 obstacles that are assigned point values (of which 6 are bar jumps)
  • 2 thru 10 can be individual or flow obstacles
  • 6 bar jumps (typically winged) are worth 1 point each (no bars are re-set during a run if displaced). They can be taken as often as you like but only for a total of 6 points.
  • 9 other obstacles, worth 2 - 10 points individually (using numbered flags or placards) are only taken once for points.
  • Non-pointed obstacles may be on the course (typically non-winged bar jumps or tunnel).
  • Weave poles mandatory (6 Novice, 9-12 Open/Excellent).
  • Obstacles that are bi-directional may be taken either direction unless otherwise directed by the judge.
  • Maximum of 4 contact obstacles may be completed for points, 1 may be taken twice, for two separate point values if so designated by the judge.
  • Dog/handler attempting to repeat previously successfully completed contact obstacle and/or weaves shall result in a double-whistle; immediate exit to finish obstacle to stop time required (retains points already earned)
  • Four-paw rule always in effect (if contact is faulted another obstacle must be done before reattempting).

Send Bonus

  • Send Bonus must be successfully completed to earn a qualifying score
  • Four-paw rule is in effect if there is a contact in the Send Bonus
  • Tape used for handler line must be secured to ground or floor and a bright color
  • Minimum 2, maximum 3 obstacles in Send Bonus depending on class level
    • Novice 2 obstacles; Open 2-3 obstacles; Excellent 3 obstacles
    • Line: 5-10ft Novice, 10-15ft Open, 15-20ft Excellent
  • Optional: 2 different handler restricted lines based on 4/8/12/16 & 20/24/26 jump heights
    • Novice with weaves or contacts in Send Bonus - 5ft line must be used for all heights
    • Open/Excellent - obstacle discrimination & changes of flow allowed
  • Refusals only scored for determining completion of Bonus Send once dog completes first obstacle
  • Send Bonus starts once all four feet have completed first obstacle
  • Send Bonus completed once all four feet have completed last obstacle (on the ground)
  • Individual points of each obstacle during the Send Bonus also awarded
  • 5 - 15 points total collectively for obstacles involved in Send Bonus
  • "Bonus" verbally announced at the successful completion of the Send Bonus
  • Pause table may only be used as the last obstacle in the Send Bonus
  • Dog need only get on with all four feet; no sit/down/stand or stay necessary


  • 80 points max score available (60 pts for obstacles plus 20 Send Bonus)
  • Novice minimum 50 pts to earn qualifying score; Open minimum 55pts; Excellent minimum 60 pts
  • Standard course time(SCT) for all levels:
    • 38 sec-8 in, 35 sec-12/6 in, 32 sec-20/24/26 in
    • Preferred - 41 sec-4 in, 38 sec-8/12 in, 35 sec-16/20 in
  • Horn (or whistle) sounds at SCT: 1 point lost for each full second over SCT until dog completes the finish obstacle
  • Finish obstacle is "live" once dog has crossed the start line
  • Dogs may go to finish obstacle any time prior to the SCT if desired as part of the handlers strategy


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