tight hand



  • Skin-tight garment, a garment that is held to the skin by elastic tension
  • Tights, a type of leg coverings fabric extending from the waist to feet (see also pantyhose)
  • Tightlacing, the practice of wearing a tightly-laced corset
  • High and tight, a hairstyle typical in the U.S. military
  • Tight end, a position in American football on the offensive team
  • Tight your black belt hard!, a popular judo manga in Japan
  • Tight (album), an album by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • TighT, a psychedelic trance live act from KohPhangan, Thailand
  • Tight playing style, in Poker, a style of play which means to rarely call/play a hand.
  • Tightness of measures is a concept in measure theory (and probability theory) in mathematics
  • Tight, also in Poker, a nickname for a hand making up a Full House
  • Tight, in slang is synonymous with cool, awesome, sweet, etc.
  • Tight, is also synonymous with intoxicated, drunk (archaic)
  • Tight, in slang is also a word for a miser, for example, "He's so tight that when he opens his mouth, it's like damn."
  • "Tight," a song by The Coup from their 2001 album Party Music
  • Tight, a mathematical term, as in 'tight frame'
  • Tight, a person (typically female, although the term also applies to inexperienced homosexual men) who rarely participates in sexual activities, resulting in abnormally low-diameter sexual openings.
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