tiger juice

Tiger's Milk

Tiger's Milk is a nutrition bar made by Schiff Nutrition Group, Inc. Joe Weider introduced Tiger's Milk in the 1960s. The nutrition bar brand is known as "America's Original Nutrition Bar." They come in multiple varieties, including Protein Rich, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Honey, and Peanut Butter Crunch. Such stores as Albertsons, Bi-Mart, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Costco, Fred Meyer, Long's Drugs, Meijer, Nature's Best, Stater Brothers, Smart & Final, and Trader Joe's sell Tiger's Milk.

It is also the term used to describe the juice of the Peruvian seafood dish ceviche, which is sometimes consumed as a supposed cure for hangovers.


Although Tiger's Milk products are marketed as a health food, they contain Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil as shown on their website under product nutrition information. Additionally, the second ingredient listed is high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to diabetes.

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