tiger cub

Tiger Cub Economies

The Tiger Cub Economies are emerging economies or newly industrialising countries. This can include Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. These economies follow the four Asian Tigers (Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and are known as Tiger Cub Economies. The Tiger Cub Economies attract investment from around the reason, because of a source of reasons like their low operating costs, cheap and productive workforce together with less stringent operation rulings.


The term Tiger 'Cub' Economies came about after the Four Asian Tigers, which includes Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Tiger 'Cub' Economies follow the Four Asian Tigers, which pursued an export-driven model of economic development. These countries and territories focused on developing goods for export to highly-industrialized nations. Domestic consumption was discouraged through government policies such as high tariffs. The East Asian Tigers singled out education as a means of improving productivity; these nations focused on improving the education system at all levels; heavy emphasis was placed on ensuring that all children attended elementary education and compulsory high school education. Money was also spent on improving the college and university system.
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