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Cracked China

Cracked China is the seventh episode of the second season of Robot Chicken.

List of skits

Pull My Finger

In some localities, if grandpa tells you to pull his finger, the police may enforce his command.


Stupid kids get a new high from "numb-chucking." No, it's not like ninjas, it's making someone "numb" by injecting their jugular vein with Novocaine and "chucking" him down a hill, into a wall, down an escalator, and into traffic. However, the next day, the teens have given up numb-chucking for pot, where kids beat other kids senseless with pots and pans.

Honest Zombie

An honest zombie outside your door will admit to the fact before you let him in.

Will Work For Balls

Puppies begging streetside...

Apocalypse Pony

Bad little children get to meet the 4 My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse: Pestilence Pony, Famine Pony, War Pony, and Death Pony.

Kiddie Driver

A young girl on her Big Wheel is pulled over by a boy dressed like a policeman on his Big Wheel. She thinks she was speeding, but he then explains the reason why he did so is- "because I love you." He then kisses her on her cheek, and she giggles cutely.

Eagle Eye Smith

Meet Eagle Eye Smith, the blind athlete who will touch your heart. He "plays" pool, baseball, bowling, and he even skis, all the while, shouting "I'm a champion!".

Pikachu Secret

We learn the secret of what actually exists within Pokémon's Pikachu's "ball" - Disco and hot female Pikachu! And he's really pissed at Ash Ketchum after a hard night's partying, when he brings him out to fight Gary Oak's Charizard, turning back to Ash and saying, "Douche."

E.T. Doesn't Phone Home

E.T.'s concerned mom rues the fact the he still hasn't phoned.

Space Checkers

A checkers champion goes on the adventure of a lifetime. Louis is taken by aliens who battle with spaceships that are giant checkers. It turns out not to be true, just Louis' hallucinating because he had a stroke. This is an obvious reference to The Last Starfighter in which a teenager is selected by aliens to fight in a war based on his prowess in a game

Flying Dad-Bomb

A young boy playing professional wrestling in his bedroom with his teddy bear is joined by his dad, who joins in the game, but takes it just a step too far by killing or severely injuring him.

This sketch was written by Tom Root and is a reference to his childhood (His love for wrestling and how the boy tied tube socks around his bed)

Role Playing Game Reversal

A dwarf, elf, skeleton, and troll play a Dungeons & Dragons-type role playing game as an accountants.

Golden Girls and the City

The Golden Girls share their sexual escapades in Golden Girls and the City. Blanche has a man die after having sex. Rose has sex with a man with Alzheimer's disease. Sophia's tale is just a bit "tall", and Dorothy prefers to be alone with her hand on the buzzer.

Cast / Voice actors

Stoop!d Monkey

The monkey has severed his head with a hedge trimmer.

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