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Little Arabella Miller

"Little Arabella Miller" is a popular English nursery rhyme often sung at pre-school nursery groups.

Most references to the song do not attribute a writer but Ann Eliott has been previously cited as a composer

It is also an action song, sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" .


The rhyme has just one verse but there are several variants which focus on the description of the caterpillar - furry, fuzzy, woolly - and on the family members mentioned in the rhyme - mother, brother, grandmother, baby brother.

Here is a version sung in England:
"Little Arabella Miller
Found a furry caterpillar
First it climbed upon her mother
Then upon her baby brother
"Ugh" said Arabella Miller
"Take away that caterpillar!" "

Other versions

Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy caterpillar
First it crawled upon her brother
Then upon her dear grandmother
Gran said, "Arabella Miller,
How I love your caterpillar."

Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy caterpillar.
First it climbed upon her mother,
Then upon her baby brother.
They said, " Arabella Miller,
Put away your caterpillar!


Sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy caterpillar (Tickle palm with two fingers)
First it crawled up on her mother (Walk fingers up left arm)
Then upon her baby brother (Walk fingers up right arm)
They said, "Arabella Miller! (Walk fingers up over head)
Put away your caterpillar!" (hide hands behind back)

Another variation on the action song:

Little Arabella Miller
Found a wooly caterpillar (wiggle one finger)
First it crawled upon her mother (tickle mom)
Then upon her baby brother (tickle a friend)
Take away that caterpillar!” (shake finger)

Cultural References

English writer and Mother Goose Award Winner Clare Jarrett wrote and illustrated a children's book, "Arabella Miller's Tiny Caterpillar" published in February 2008 which was inspired by the rhyme.
"Little Arabella Miller" has been recorded by several artists including
Amy Conley ("Grow Your Own Music)
Sharon, Lois & Bram in two albums "Mainly Mother Goose" and "Name Games"
and Peter and Ellen Allard recorded it for their album It, Say It, Stamp It, Sway It!" which won 2002 Children's Music Web Award: Best Recording for Young Children, and was the 2002 winner of the Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award.

There is an English organic fashion label for kids named after the nursery rhyme character Arabella Miller which uses a caterpillar as its logo.

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