Tia Maria

Tia Maria

Tia Maria is the brand name of an alcoholic drink produced by the industry giant Pernod Ricard through their Malibu-Kahlúa International subsidiary, Tia Maria is a "liqueur spirit" which resembles a coffee 'liqueur such as Kahlúa, which is also produced by Pernod Ricard. Unlike Kahlúa, Tia Maria is made in Jamaica using Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans. The main flavor ingredients are coffee beans, cane spirit, vanilla, and sugar, fermented to an alcoholic content of 26.5% (alcoholic content as sold has been reduced to 20%). It can be consumed pure and with ice, but is also frequently used as an ingredient for cocktails, with coffee, or in desserts (such as the layered liqueur-whipped-cream-and-cookie confection known as Tia Maria torte). It may also be mixed with milk and ice.

Popular cocktails containing Tia Maria include the terry, which combines the spirit with orange juice, and Jamaican coffee, featuring both Tia Maria and Myers's Rum. The New Year's Levee punch served by several Officers' Messes and Sergeants Messes including that of the Ontario Regiment in Canada, is called "Moose Milk" and combines Tia Maria with eggnog and spices.

The drink was invented by Dr. Evans in Jamaica just after WW2. He invited acquaintances from the Country Club in Kingston to try various formulas at his lab until the final version was accepted.

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