Thunder Clap

The Thunder Clap is a form of dance that incorporates clapping in the air with a sliding motion. To perform this dance one must raise one hand and then with the second hand meet the first one half way making a clapping sound; that hand must then fully extend. This motion is repeated to the beat of the music. Numerous artists use this dance move in videos and on tour. For example, Usher, Lil Jon and the East Side Boys all performed this dance during the Confessions World Tour. Also it was used by dancehall artist Elephant Man, in which he refers to it as the "Thunda Clap". This can also be seen in his videos such as "Pon Da River, Pon Da Bank".

The Beastie Boys reference this move in a lyric from the song "Dr. Lee, PhD", on the album, Hello Nasty:

Lift up your cap and rise up and hap
Do the thunder clap great hall of fire on the sky
And reap your time weep your mind
Weepin' time reapin' time harvest harvest time

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