throw the bull

Ringing the bull

Ringing the bull is a pub game. It involves swinging a bull's nose-ring, which is attached to a string, in an arc so as to hook it onto a bull's horn or hook attached to the wall. It must stay on the horn or hook in order to count as a successful throw.

There is a vibrant and thriving tradition of playing this game at what is reputedly the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem in Nottingham, and in several other traditional public houses.

Caribbean variant

The game was adopted by the earlier settlers of the Caribbean islands, where it is also referred to as the Bimini Ring Game. When the hook is attached to a post or pole, the ring can actually be swung behind the hook, catching on the hook as it swings back. If the ring is caught by the hook, the score is two points. If the ring is first swung from behind the hook and it swings back and catches on the hook, the score for the throw is three points.

[] is the only site in the USA that sells the ring toss game Ring The Bull. The game, Ring The Bull was being played hundreds of years prior before the spin off Bimini was started in the Caribbean islands and Key's with just a hook and ring. The original Ring The Bull game was played with a real animal's head (bull, deer, hog, etc, etc. as the game board.


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