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Senecio is a genus of the daisy family (Asteraceae) that includes ragworts and groundsels. The flower heads are normally rayed, completely yellow, and the heads are borne in branched clusters. Though of late the genus has been reviewed and split up, it still contains a vast number of species (about 1,500) of extremely wide form including leaf succulents, stem and tuber succulents, annuals, perennials, aquatic forms, climbers, shrubs and small trees. Some species produce natural pesticides (especially alkaloids) to deter or even kill animals that would eat them.

Senecio species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species - see list of Lepidoptera that feed on Senecio.

Common names

  • Groundsel, Ragwort
  • Greiskraut, Kreuzkraut
  • Ristirohi
  • Villakko
  • Séneçon
  • סביון
  • Հալևորուկ
  • Senecione
  • Žilė
  • Krustaine
  • Kruiskruid
  • Starzec
  • Starček
  • Крестовник
  • Korsörter
  • 千里光属

Selected species

Between its own cross species breeding and the horticulturalists, Senecio is perhaps the largest genus in the family Asteraceae.

Formerly in Senecio

Nomina Nova

Senecio is or was, depending on the authority cited, the genus containing the most species within the family (Asteraceae) of flowering plants that contains the most genera. The cataloging of living things started centuries ago as a science of systematic naming based on a unique description of the living thing that was being named. Throughout the centuries since then, the science of naming has had plenty of problems including the lack of enough descriptive words (many species are named after people, for instance), mix-ups in the collected samples, plants and animals which propagate themselves in ways not easily managed by a catalog which assumed such things were stagnant. There has been several attempts to rename and reorganize these things more sensibly according to the new information provided by more modern technology and with the understanding that the plant and animal kingdoms are probably not going to be stable; that is exactly in a year the same way as they are now. Meanwhile, as the science of naming catches up to technology, knowing all of the names a species has had, and has been published as, is a part of finding the information about them; no matter who the authority is. The following genera contain species which used to be considered to be in the genus Senecio.

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